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Dr Claire Loussouarn

PhD (Goldsmiths)
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Dr Claire Loussouarn is an anthropologist, filmmaker and movement artist.

She’s currently working on the somatics of filmmaking. She created the guided audio
practice Dancing with the camera for the Somatics Toolkit for Ethnographers and an
accompanying workshop ‘Dancing with the Camera’ for the Dance and Somatic Practices
Conference 2019.

She co-directed Inside the Dance, a documentary which explores the crossing of partner
dancing, improvisation and transience. She edited Cry Out Loud with anthropologist Gabriel
Dattatreyan, a documentary about African migrants in Delhi and Unstoppable a documentary
about female New York boxers, with anthropologist Jesse Shipley
( and She has also made three
shorts films in collaboration with artist and historian Professor Khadija Von Zinnenburg: Snail
Eating Theatre which looks at the unfinished opera of Marrakesh in Morocco, Artists in
Residence which uses drawings made by refugees in detention centre to speak about their
experience and Subcutaneous Ha-has and the Evolution of Polymorphic Animalcules about
a plant performance in Kew Gardens.

She teaches Media Production Skills

Her interests are slow cinema, the intersections of reality and fiction, the dialogue of moving
images and moving bodies, various forms of movement improvisation, the anatomy of
moving bodies, oral storytelling and the feral child.




Loussouarn, C. 2017. Dancing with Nature Off the Leash. In von Zinnenburg, K. (ed.)
Botanical Drift: Economic Botany and its Plant Protagonists, Berlin: Sternberg Press.