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Dr Désiré K. Kanga

MSc (ENSEA) PhD (University of Orléans)
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Désiré K. Kanga
Centre for Global Finance

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Désiré K. Kanga
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020 7898 4562
SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Dr Désiré K. Kanga is a post-doctoral Research Fellow in the CGF. Désiré joined the CGF at SOAS in 2018, under the AXA Chair in Global Finance. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Orléans (France), and an MSc in Statistics and Economics from ENSEA (Côte d’Ivoire). Before joining SOAS, he was involved in various research projects and teaching at ENSEA. His research focuses on the banking sector and monetary policy transmission mechanisms. His ongoing research seeks to uncover new evidence on how cross-border banking impacts the domestic credit market in the WAEMU region. His work has been published in Economics and Statistics and Revue Economique.



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