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Dr Tobias Franz

BA (Münster), MSc (Glasgow), PhD (London)
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Tobias Franz
Department of Economics

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Lecturer in Economics and Political Economy

Dr Tobias Franz
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Dr. Tobias Franz is a Lecturer in Economics and the Programme convenor for the MSc Political Economy of Development. His main interests are the analysis of power balances, natural resource governance, institutional structures at local, national and regional levels, and multidisciplinary theoretical debates on productivity growth and development. His main area focus is on Latin America.

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Political economy, institutional economics, elite politics, economic geography, industrial policy and the role of the state in development. Latin American economic development. Particular interests in the economic development of Colombia. Also interested in developmentalist and post-developmental debates originating from the Global South.


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Stevano, Sara and Franz, Tobias and Dafermos, Yannis and Van Waeyenberge, Elisa (2021) 'COVID-19 and Crises of Capitalism: Intensifying Inequalities and Global Responses'. Canadian Journal of Development Studies /Revue canadienne d’études du développement, (42) 1/2, pp 1-17.

Franz, Tobias (2021) 'Spatial fixes and switching crises in the times of COVID-19: implications for commodity-producing economies in Latin America'. Canadian Journal of Development Studies, (42) 1/2, pp 109-121.

Franz, Tobias (2019) 'Why ‘Good Governance’ Fails: Lessons from Regional Economic Development in Colombia'. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, (43) 4, pp 776-785.

Franz, Tobias (2018) 'Power balances, transnational elites, and local economic governance: The political economy of development in Medellín'. Local Economy: The Journal of the Local Economy Policy Unit, (33) 1, pp 85-109.

Franz, Tobias (2017) 'Urban Governance and Economic Development in Medellín'. Latin American Perspectives, (44) 2, pp 52-70.

Franz, Tobias (2016) 'Plan Colombia: illegal drugs, economic development and counterinsurgency - a political economy analysis of Colombia's failed war'. Development Policy Review, (34) 4, pp 563-591.

Book Chapters

Montero, Sergio and Franz, Tobias and Choles, Miller (2021) 'Repensando la Gobernanza y el Desarrollo Económico Local desde Colombia: Informalidad, Élites y Diversidad.'. In: Montero, Sergio, (ed.), Repensando el Desarrollo Económico Local desde Colombia. Bogotá: Universidad de los Andes.

Franz, Tobias (2017) 'Urban Governance and Economic Development in Medellín: An “Urban Miracle”?'. In: Angotti, Tom, (ed.), Urban Latin America: Inequalities and Neoliberal Reforms. Lanham, Maryland, United States: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, pp 129-145.

Monographs and Working Papers

Montero, Sergio and Franz, Tobias and Chloes, Miller (2018) Repensando la Gobernanza y el Desarrollo Económico Local desde Colombia: Informalidad, Élites y Diversidad. Bogota: .

Franz, Tobias (2011) Über die (Un-) Möglichkeit nachhaltiger Wirtschaftspolitik in Madagaskar - Eine analyse über ein verlorenes Jahrzehnt. Antananarivo: FES.


Franz, Tobias (2018) 'Interview with Sky News: Colombia before the first Presidential Elections since the Peace Deal'.


Franz, Tobias (2017) From Industrial Capital to Modern ‘Urban Miracle’? : The Political Economy of Governance, Growth and Development in Medellín, Colombia. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. [Unpublished]

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Franz, Tobias (2020) Covid-19 and economic development in Latin America.

Franz, Tobias and Gómez Suárez, Andrei (2020) ¿Por qué protesta Colombia?.

Franz, Tobias and Gómez Suárez, Andrei (2020) ¿Por qué Colombia está marchando?.

Franz, Tobias and Gómez Suárez, Andrei (2019) Why is Colombia striking for change?.

Franz, Tobias (2019) How Can the Region Boost Productivity?.

Franz, Tobias (2018) Colombia’s Future Is at Stake.

Franz, Tobias (2018) ¿“Construyendo País”? – Reflexiones sobre el desarrollo en Colombia.

Franz, Tobias (2018) Der steigende Einfluss der Militärs gefährdet den Friedensprozess.

Franz, Tobias (2018) Los peligros económicos de la victoria de Iván Duque en Colombia.

Franz, Tobias (2018) Between Hope and Fear.

Franz, Tobias (2018) Colombia elections 2018: candidates and their chances in times of hope and fear..

Franz, Tobias (2018) Colombia elections 2018: the perils of polarisation for a precarious peace.

Franz, Tobias (2017) Aprendiendo de Karl Marx.

Franz, Tobias (2017) La productividad en América Latina se puede mejorar mediante incentivación, aseguración e inversión en tecnologías.

Franz, Tobias (2017) The Legacy of Plan Colombia.

Franz, Tobias (2017) Latin America’s productivity problems can only be overcome by incentivising, underwriting, and enforcing technological investment.

Franz, Tobias (2017) Corrupción, ¿para qué sirve?.

Franz, Tobias (2017) Sabotaging Peace.

Franz, Tobias (2016) Peace in Colombia – What is it good for?.

Franz, Tobias (2016) The Ends of Peace.

Franz, Tobias (2014) Das Ende des Krieges – oder ein Krieg ohne Ende.

Franz, Tobias (2009) Ägyptens Muslimbruderschaft – ohne Führung, ohne Zukunft?.


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