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Dr Hasan Hafidh

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Department of Politics and International Studies

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Dr Hasan Hafidh
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Dr Hasan Hafidh is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Comparative Politics of the Middle East. Hasan completed his PhD within the Arabic, Islamic and Middle East Department (AIMES) at the University of Leeds where he served as a senior postgraduate tutor teaching an array of modules concerning Middle East Politics and International Relations. He also holds a BA in the Study of Religions and Theology and an MA in Religion and Political Life from the University of Manchester. His research specialism focuses on the relatively under-theorised notion of "informal" civil society which seeks to depart from extant scholarship on democratisation. He observes civil society and the impact both traditional and emerging civic spaces could have on sectarian relations in the Gulf region, with an eye on two case studies - Kuwait and Bahrain. His existing research now looks to extend beyond these observations by focusing on Diaspora Activism of Bahraini and Saudi Social Movements in the United Kingdom.

Hasan's latest forthcoming journal article (November 2019) focuses on the transnational impact of sectarianism and the securitization of identity, which dissects the distinctions between securitization and communal ‘othering’, in the cases of Shias in Bahrain and Pakistan.