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Zeynep Kaya
Department of Development Studies

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Dr Zeynep Kaya
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Zeynep completed her PhD in International Relations at the LSE, where she conducted research on the transformation of Kurdish nationalism and territorial identity in an international context. She spent five years as a post-doctoral research fellow at the LSE and taught topics including international relations, nationalism, politics and gender there as well as the University of Cambridge. Her research interests include gender, violence and development in Iraq, gender and displacement in Iraq and the wider Middle East, Kurdish nationalism and territorial imaginations. She is interested in understanding how communities and political groups perceive, interact with and challenge international processes and dominant norms.



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Authored Books

Kaya, Zeynep (2020) Mapping Kurdistan: Territory, Self-Determination and Nationalism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Kaya, Zeynep (2018) 'The HDP, the AKP and the battle for Turkish democracy'. Ethnopolitics, (18) 1, pp 92-106.

Kaya, Zeynep and Whiting, Matthew (2017) 'Sowing division: Kurds in the Syrian War'. Middle East Policy, (24) 1, pp 79-91.

Kaya, Zeynep and Keranen, Outi (2015) 'Constructing identity through symbols by groups demanding self-determination: Bosnian Serbs and Iraqi Kurds'. Ethnopolitics, (14) 5, pp 505-512.

Edited Books or Journals

Kaya, Zeynep, (ed.), (2016) The AKP and Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East. London: LSE Middle East Centre. (LSE Middle East Centre Collected Papers, Volume 5).

Book Chapters

Kaya, Zeynep (2020) 'Orientalist Views of Kurds and Kurdistan'. In: Tezcür, Günes Murat, (ed.), Kurds and Yezidis in the Middle East: Shifting Identities, Borders and the Experience of Minority Communities. London: I.B. Tauris - Bloomsbury, pp 115-132.

Kaya, Zeynep and Whiting, Matthew (2019) 'The Kurdish Question'. In: Özerdem, Alpaslan and Whiting, Matthew, (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Turkish Politics. London: Routledge.

Kaya, Zeynep and Lowe, Robert (2017) 'The curious question of the PYD-PKK relationship'. In: Stansfield, Gareth R V and Shareef, Mohammed, (eds.), The Kurdish Question Revisited. London: Hurst, pp 275-287.

Monographs and Working Papers

Kaya, Zeynep (2019) Iraq's Yazidis and ISIS: the causes and consequences of sexual violence in conflict. London: LSE Middle East Centre.

Kaya, Zeynep and Bond, Hannah (2019) Women, Peace and Security and displacement in the Middle East. London: LSE Middle East Centre.

Kaya, Zeynep (2018) Resilience policy and internally displaced women in Iraq: an unintentionally flawed approach. London: Centre for Women, Peace and Security.

Kaya, Zeynep and Luchtenberg, Kyra (2018) Displacement and women’s economic empowerment: voices of displaced women in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. London: .

Kaya, Zeynep (2017) Gender and statehood in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. London: LSE Middle East Centre.

Kaya, Zeynep (2016) Women, Peace and Security in Iraq: Iraq’s National Action Plan to implement Resolution 1325. LSE Middle East Centre.

Kaya, Zeynep and Whiting, Matthew (2016) Tackling radicalism in Turkey. London: Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

Conference Items

Kaya, Zeynep (2015) 'When sovereignty and self-determination overlap in claims to statehood: The case of Iraqi Kurdistan' In: International Relations and a New Middle East Symposium, 2015-05-07 - 2015-05-08, Denmark.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Kaya, Zeynep (2019) Coming to the verge of destruction: survival, change and engagement in the Yazidi community.

Kaya, Zeynep (2018) Economic empowerment of women displaced by conflict requires transformative change.


Kaya, Zeynep (2016) 'Women in post-conflict Iraqi Kurdistan' OpenDemocracy.

Whiting, Matthew and Kaya, Zeynep (2016) 'Floating or sinking? The state of democracy in Turkey and the rise of the HDP'.


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