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Oula Kadhum
Department of Politics and International Studies

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Dr Oula Kadhum
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Oula Kadhum is a Teaching Fellow on the Undergraduate Introduction to International Relations course. She specialises in diaspora politics and transnationalism between Europe and the Middle East and her work sits at the intersections of political sociology, international relations, and migration.

She is also currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham where she is currently exploring Iraqi Shi’a Transnationalism between London and Iraq, as part of the ERC funded ‘Alterumma’ project. Her research is particularly interested in issues of temporality and space, positionality, identity politics, gender, as well as identity formation and senses of belonging, with a special focus on the diasporas of Iraq and their real and imagined links to the “homeland”.

Previously, as a PhD Research Fellow, she worked on the ‘Diaspora and Contested Sovereignty’ ERC funded project at the University of Warwick. Her doctoral thesis, Diasporic Interventions: State building in Iraq following the 2003 Iraq War, compared the UK and Swedish diaspora's involvement in state building during intervention, occupation and following the country's first democratic elections.


Diaspora politics and development, transnationalism, Iraq, statebuilding and civil society, gender and minority rights.


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