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Mr Arkmore Kori

BA (Midlands State University, Zimbabwe) MSc (SOAS, London)
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Arkmore Kori
Mr Arkmore Kori
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Parliamentary Committees, Democracy and Good Governance in Africa: A Comparative Study of Kenya and Zimbabwe
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Internal Supervisors



  • Evidence based research, advocacy and liaisons: Developing information collection /research tools, conducting evidence based social, political and economic research/poverty surveys/situational analysis, drafting policy briefs/press statements/pastoral letters for the Church and; facilitating and informing evidence based engagements and dialogues with policy makers and solution holders
  • Parliamentary analysis, advocacy and liaison: engaging parliament/specific parliamentary committees on pertinent policy issues; parliamentary policy consultations /outreach processes and citizen participation; draft bill analysis and input.
  • Electoral Processes and Elections: Developing election observation tools, long and short term election observation, report writing, capacity building/ providing skills for election observers and monitors, voter education, position papers/press statements.
  • Program/Project Cycle Management: Project design, proposal writing, project implementation, project monitoring, project appraisal and project evaluation.
  • Citizenship pedagogy, transformation and development: Facilitating civic education, learning experiences and reflection on governance and human rights, constitution, constitutionalism, peace building and
  • Conflict analysis with Gender and HIV/AIDS as cross cutting issues; formulating and Developing civic reflection and learning experiences information, education and communicational (IEC) materials - training manuals, pamphlets, brochures, problem posing codes on human rights, constitution/constitutionalism, peace building, national healing, reconciliation, democracy, governance, human rights constitution/constitutionalism, Social Teachings of the Church.
  • Livelihoods and humanitarian: Situational analysis/identification of humanitarian needs; displacements and emergency livelihood responses.


  • April 2013 - Sept. 2019: National Coordinator: Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference (ZCBC) - Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe (CCJPZ)
  • Duty station: Harare
  • Task: Coordinate, facilitate and guide the implementation of the ZCBC-CCJPZ Strategic Plan in Zimbabwe's 10 provinces (8 Zimbabwe Catholic Dioceses) - and ensuring CCJPZ accountability to ZCBC

Main Responsibilities

Strategy development and implementation

  • Developing, reviewing and implementing the ZCBC-CCJPZ strategic plan
  • Developing strategic partnerships with other national and international organisations around justice and peace interventions
  • Observing socio-economic and political changes for timely strategic plan review and adaption
  • Providing leadership in resource mobilization, project formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Informing ZCBC on CCJPZ institutional and programmatic developments and reporting on critical CCJPZ matters as applicable.
    Programme Development and Management:
  • Supervise and coordinate CCJPZ program planning, design, and implementation
  • Ensuring partner reporting and accountability compliance
  • Overseeing and authorizing program income and expenditure within statutory instruments and contractual agreements

Human resource development & management

  • Conducting and facilitating appropriate staff recruitment, induction, appraisal and capacity development
  • Conducting and facilitating human resource reviews and update and ensure staff compliance
  • Operational research and knowledge management:
  • Coordinating and leading socio-economic researches and surveys on poverty, justice and peace themes for publication and evidence based policy engagements and liaisons
  • Drafting and publishing CCJPZ annual reports
  • July 2010 – December 2012: GOOD GOVERNANCE SPECIALIST, Progression
  • Duty station: Harare
  • Task: Facilitating civic reflections and learning experiences on democracy, good governance and human rights to marginalized communities from Zimbabwe’s 10 Provinces

Main Responsibilities


  • Reviewing and assessing the “current” level of understanding and engagement of men and women, especially in rural and marginalised communities in basic principles around democracy, good governance and human rights
  • Identifying community volunteers capacity needs on designing and carrying out civic reflections and convening community “Meet Your Leader” dialogues on democracy, good governance and human rights issues

Capacity Building, Training and Facilitation

  • Developing community based information, educational and communication materials (IEC) for civic reflections and learning experiences.
  • Developing and implementing advocacy and lobbying strategies around democracy, governance and human rights
  • Documentation, Monitoring and Evaluation:
  • Tracking and maintaining program records
  • Producing and publishing IEC materials on democracy, good governance and human rights in vernacular languages
  • Collect and document information that demonstrated change in terms of men and women’s engagement with democracy, good governance and human rights issues in their communities.
  • Duty station: Harare
  • Task: Informing Silveira House programming and interventions through poverty surveys and projects’ cycle analysis

Main responsibilities

  • Research: Carrying out evidence based social research on how government policies affect the poor and the marginalised for evidence based policy advocacy
  • Networking, advocacy and liaisons: Convene meetings and engagements with policy makers, power holders and organizations doing similar work to discuss research outcomes and policy implication
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Monitoring and evaluating of Silveira House programs
  • Program/Project Cycle Management – carrying out projects’ needs assessments, designs and appraisals
  • Training and Facilitation: Organising and facilitating workshops in research methods for research assistants
  • Guidance and supervision – Guiding and supervising research assistants during information poverty surveys, needs assessments, evaluation and monitoring
  • Publications and Publicity: Compiling organisational quarterly newsletters, policy documents and annual reports – and publication of poverty survey reports under Silveira House Social Series Booklets

PhD Research

Africa’s governance and constitutional reforms that began in the 1990s after decades of authoritarianism also included parliamentary refinements and decentralization. Critical parliamentary reforms have been the development of the parliamentary committee system. In addition to “Housekeeping” or “Committees on Standing Orders” established primarily to facilitate the work of parliament, parliamentary committees devoted to enhance oversight, legislative and representative role of the parliament have been established. Little is known about these “oversight committees” and how they have performed in ensuring responsive, good government behaviour and redressing imbalances between the legislature and state arms. My research intends to examine the efficacy of oversight parliamentary committees from countries with dominant presidents and political parties. Particular focus will be put on Kenya and Zimbabwe to achieve the following objectives:

  • To trace the development of parliamentary committees and their relevance to the core functions of parliaments
  • To analyse contextual, structural and institutional systems under which parliamentary committees operate
  • To analyse the form, tools and strategies used by parliamentary committees in executing their key functions and responsibilities
  • To assess the impact of parliamentary committees in two states with strong executive systems
  • To harness and consolidate key learning and best parliamentary practices from the study sites to inform parliamentary and governance reform policies


  • Parliaments, parliamentary committees and political parties
  • Democracy and participatory governance
  • Rule of constitution, human rights and Church's Social Teachings
  • Electoral processes and elections
  • Citizenship pedagogy, transformation and development