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Mr Arkmore Kori

BA Hons. (Midlands State University, Gweru), Msc. (SOAS, London)
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Arkmore Kori
Department of Politics and International Studies

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Mr Arkmore Kori
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Parliamentary Committees and Good Governance in Africa: A Comparative Study of Kenya and Zimbabwe
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I have worked for more than fifteen years in different organisations as a development worker, practitioner and leader. I have practical experiences in the following: Program/Project Cycle Management; Evidence based research, advocacy and liaisons; Parliamentary analysis and policy advocacy; Electoral Processes and Elections; Human rights and democracy; Citizenship pedagogy, transformation and development; Environmental conservation and sustainable use of natural resources; Conflict analysis and peace building; Humanitarian interventions and sustainable livelihoods.

PhD Research

My project examines the efficacy of parliamentary committees from Kenya and Zimbabwe in asserting good governance. It identifies what parliamentary committees are, how they have evolved, why they exist, what they do and how they influence politics. My study is intended to deepen comprehension and appreciation of African institutions, African democracy and African governance.


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    Scramble for a new constitution (
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  • Parliaments, parliamentary committees and political parties
  • Democracy and participatory governance
  • Rule of constitution, human rights and Church's Social Teachings
  • Electoral processes and elections
  • Citizenship pedagogy, transformation and development