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Dr Mai Kataoka

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Publishing history and translation (in the US, the UK and Japan)

Translation and world literature

Modern Japanese Literature in translation

Translation and soft power

Cultural translation


Localization of brands and advertisements

Translation and piracy (scanlation)



Kataoka, Mai (2017) 'When Manga Fans Become Pirates: the Art of Translating and Navigating Japanese Manga'. International Symposium at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies: Proceedings, (50), pp 25-31.

Kataoka, Mai (2017) 'The Art of Crafting an Image of Modern Japanese Literature: The Use of Visual Images to Promote Knopf’s Translation Program'. Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies, (18), pp 60-68.

Kataoka, Mai (2016) 'Emending a Translation into “Scrupulous” Translation: A Comparison of Edward G. Seidensticker’s Two English Renditions of “The Izu Dancer.”'. Sokendai Review of Cultural and Social Studies, (12), pp 83-101.

Book Chapters

Kataoka, Mai (2019) '「語りかける異質性」とその能動・受動の二元論を越える契機: アンガス・ウィルソンのみた英訳版『細雪』の最後の二行 [A Moment of Encounter, Absorbing Differences: How Angus Wilson Read the Ending of a Japanese Novel, The Makioka Sisters, in its English Translation]'. In: Inaga, Shigemi, (ed.), 映しと移ろい 文化伝播の器と蝕変の実相/Utsushi and Utsuroi: Metempsychosis and Passage. Tokyo: Kachosha, pp 547-573.

Kataoka, Mai (2017) 'マンガ翻訳の海賊たち: スキャンレーションにおける航海術をめぐって [When Manga Fans Become Pirates: the Art of Translating and Navigating Japanese Manga]'. In: Inaga, Shigemi, (ed.), 海賊史観からみた世界史の再構築 : 交易と情報流通の現在を問い直す/Pirate's view of the world history : a reversed perception of the order of things. Kyoto: Shibunkaku, pp 70-90.

Conference Items

Kataoka, Mai (2019) 'Absorbing Differences through Translations: Angus Wilson and His Discovery of Modern Japanese ‘novel/ shōsetsu'' In: The 22nd Congress of International Comparative Literature Association, 29 Jul - 2 Aug 2019, Macau, China. [Unpublished]

Kataoka, Mai (2015) 'Translating ‘Beauty Languages’ into the Japanese Context: The Case of Global Brands’ Communications for Cosmetic Products' In: The 2nd East Asian Translation Studies Conference, 9-10 July 2016, Tokyo, Japan. [Unpublished]


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