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Mr Julian Manuel Goetz

BSc (University of Tübingen) MSc (UC3M)
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Julian Goetz
Mr Julian Manuel Goetz
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The Labour Dynamics in Tanzania‘s Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) Sector: A Pathway Towards Sustainable Poverty Reduction? (Working Title)
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PhD Research

Julian’s PhD research explores the impact of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) on rural livelihoods and poverty reduction in Tanzania with particular attention to the political economy of the sector’s labour market. He draws on literature on the effects of ASM activities on livelihoods in Sub-Sahara Africa as well as on works on waged labour in non-farming activities in rural labour markets. The former tends to under-explore the role of rural labour markets and waged employment, and the ways in which political and social factors shape distributional outcomes in the sector. By addressing this gap, Julian’s research explores the hierarchical employment structure of Tanzania’s ASM labour market with a variety of labour regimes and its implications for economic agency and poverty reduction. Moreover, his PhD study enquires to what extent and how different modes of accumulation in Tanzania’s ASM sector have affected rural households in the past. To uncover this, a socioeconomic account, informed by attention to class relations and based on empirical data, is pursued.

Due to the paucity of data on waged employment in rural labour markets in Sub-Sahara Africa, Julian conducted a household survey in North-West Tanzania, mapping ASM in the larger context of livelihood activities and assessing its contribution to poverty reduction. Additionally, to uncover transmission mechanisms and processes within the ASM labour market in a meaningful way, qualitative interviews with miners and various stakeholders were conducted.


  • Development Economics
  • The Political Economy of Labour Markets
  • Informal Labour Markets
  • Rural Development
  • Poverty Measurement
  • Mixed Methods