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Erum Nazeer Dahar

LLB (Lancaster University), MSc (Lancaster University)
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Erum Nazeer Dahar
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To what extent are Muslim women's organisations in the UK influenced by Islamic feminism and impacted by organisational stigma? (working title)
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I am a British-Pakistani Muslim woman, undertaking an interdisciplinary PhD project in the fields of organisational and management theory, gender studies, and sociology of religion. Previously, I studied at Lancaster University where I obtained an LLB in Law and an MSc in Politics, Philosophy and Management.

PhD Research

My PhD project involves exploring in further depth the extent to which Islamic feminism influences the operation of Muslim women’s organisations in the UK. I analyse the intellectual discourse surrounding Islamic feminism, looking not only at the key theorists, but also the ideas that have gained less traction and/or have proven controversial within the intellectual community. As well as assessing the key claims of this Qur’anic tradition, I explore the ways in which Islamic feminism has been used as a tool for activism and has shaped Muslim women’s organisations’ activities and management practices. At the same time, I research into the different and intersecting forms of stigma that limit the extent to which such organisations can freely engage with Islamic feminism and achieve their organisational aims, such as Islamophobia, racism, clan/caste-based politics, gender-based discrimination and more. In particular, I am interested in analysing the impact of stigma upon the form, identity, image and culture of Muslim women’s organisations. In addition to mapping the sphere of influence and relations of power surrounding them, I aim to understand how Muslim women’s organisations manage organisational stigma and develop strategies to overcome hurdles produced by it, such as through emulating secular organisational cultures and structures.


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  • Organisation and Management Theory
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Islamic Feminism
  • British Muslimsry