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Rev Thomas Choi


Thomas Choi
Student Advice and Wellbeing

Anglican Chaplain

Rev Thomas Choi
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My name is Thomas Choi, a visiting Christian Chaplain from the Anglican Church. I am originally from South Korea, and was brought up by Buddhist parents. Although I am now an ordained priest in the Church of England, my Christian journey began in the Pentecostal church then I moved to the Baptist Church before settling into to the Anglican tradition. My history provides me with a wide range of experience in many traditions and an ever expanding and deepening understanding on our journey through our spiritual lives. I am a committed Christian but am quite familiar with, not only the Buddhist way of life but Chinese philosophies, especially Taoism. I am also quite interested in integrating Psychology (Carl Jung) and Quantum Physics into the realm of belief and spirituality.

I am gay and once tried 20 days fasting on a mountain to overcome what was considered a sin in the 1970s and to conform to the then-dominant Christian morality; it did not work. Now I have a wonderful partner with whom I have lived for nearly 25 years. I could offer some insight into the area of finding our true identify and becoming an unique individual.

I have been practicing various forms of prayers and meditation including Charismatic Christian, Centering prayer, Mindfulness, Transcendental and LAS Meditation to expand our awareness during our human journey through life.
The spirituality of nature is also important to me, so I greatly enjoy walking and have been trekking to Everest Base Camp and in Patagonia. I am currently preparing for Kilimanjaro.