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Chanhee Lee

BSc (Yonsei), MA Cert. (Sungkyunkwan), MA (SOAS)
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Chanhee Lee
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Chosŏn Korean’s perspectives and emotions toward the West, 1876-1902
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 I joined SOAS in 2019. My interest lies in the view and measures on foreigners and foreign culture of Chosŏn Korean. I worked on the topic of hyanghwain during my master. Now, I focus on the nineteenth-century Korean’s perspective and emotion toward the West and civilization.

PhD Research

The existing scholarship on Chosŏn Korea’s opening toward the West primarily focused on macro discussion. The political, diplomatic and economic implications were only sought to lead Korea to follow the patterns of modernisations of Japan and China. However, I would like to argue that such modernisation was not simplistically carried out at a macro level. It is particularly necessary to examine why and how the Chosŏn Korean have sawed the West and evaluated the Western powers through more detailed and multi-faceted assessments. By looking at the emotions displayed from the travelogues of the Chosŏn elite, such a ‘view from another angle’ on Chosŏn’s opening will lead to a fruitful and lucid view beyond any political and macro definitions.


  • History of emotion
  • 19th century Korean history
  • History of Chosŏn dynasty
  • Travel literature
  • Modernization