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Pooja (Jo) Krishnakumar

BMM (Mumbai), MA (Christ University)
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Pooja Krishnakumar
Pooja (Jo) Krishnakumar
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Social Space and the Sex Worker: Family, Networks and Collectivisation in the Indian Sex Workers' Movement (Working Title)
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I am a writer and creator with over 7 years of work experience within multiple (queer, trans, anti caste, sex worker and mental health) advocacy movements in India. 

PhD Research

I have been reading/studying and working around the areas of sex work and queer theory specifically in Kamathipura (India) over the past 4 years (throughout my master’s course and now during my PhD). Additionally, I have worked in child care centers while I was doing my masters’ fieldwork in Kamathipura and now work as a volunteer with the National Network of Sex Workers (NNSW). I am a member of the Sex Work Research Hub. To specify my positionality, I am an agender trans, asexual ally of the sex workers' movement.

Some of my focus areas within my PhD is to explore familial structures and networks and how they affect the way sex workers react to crisis (whether that may be gentrification, police violence, or even COVID 19/HIV) and how chosen families operate within sex work on the street/within brothels. I want my work to further the fight to decriminalise sex work in India and encourage understanding so that policy that is created is not perpetuating further violence against sex worker communities locally and globally.


Book Chapters

Krishnakumar, Pooja (2022) 'Take a Look Inside: Exploring Closets as Fingerprints of the Queer Community'. In: Pain, Paromita, (ed.), LGBTQ Digital Cultures: A Global Perspective. New York: Routledge.

Book Reviews

Krishnakumar, Pooja (2021) 'Review of: Independent filmmaking in Southeast Asia: conversations with filmmakers on building, and sustaining a creative career by Nico Meissner'. Media Practice and Education, (22).

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Krishnakumar, Pooja (2019) Transgender bill awaits presidential nod to become law but betrays the very community it aims to protect.


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