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Manhal Al Dakhlallah
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The Question of Aesthetics in Literary Translation in view of the Prismatic Translation Theory: An Integrative/Critical Review Analysis of the Arabic Translations of Charles Dickens's Aesthetics-Poetic Style.
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Accredited professional translator and academic researcher (English-Arabic) with solid knowledge in Classical Arabic literature, Business and Management Studies, Media and Current Affairs

PhD Research

My research project will be mainly based on the Prismatic Translation Theory, and hence may be labelled as ""Prismatic Dickens in Arabic"" with focus on the critical dimension of transferring the aesthetic rhetorical content as a means for enhancing the artistic qualities and alleviate the aesthetic value of the Target Text output.
Additionally and based on the Reception Theory, the research shall also entail analysis of the target language (Arabic) rhetorical capabilities of equivalent-quality literature, which could be employed throughout the translation transformation process leading to the new transcreation.
The project shall cover 5 key novels of Dickens, (Oliver Twist, Hard Times, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations and David Copperfield), which are most popular among the Arab readers and shall track down their well-known translations from all corners of the Arab World; from the Arab Maghreb to the Gulf Arab states including the literary metropolis Arab beacons in the Levant, Iraq, Egypt and the Sudan.
The research shall also attempt to redefine the creative capabilities, professional approach and personal qualities of literary translators and the competence levels they should attain in order to be able to handle the complications of literary translation dilemma and to live up to the expectations of their readership community.
I am hopeful that my research would ultimately make a valuable contribution to the Arabic Literary Translation's body of knowledge in a way that would compensate for the literary artistic value which is often sacrificed in the translation mechanical process. 


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  • Arabic Literary Translation
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  • Comparative Literature
  • Dickens's Poetic Style
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