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Naseeba Umar


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Naseeba Umar
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Queer Subjectivity and Sexual Governance
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started Septem ber 2018
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Naseeba Umar is a PhD candidate at SOAS, Centre for Gender Studies. Her pronouns are she/her. Her thesis titled ‘Queer Subjectivity and Sexual Governance’ examines the micro- politics of socio-legal osctracization of queer communities in Pakistan. Research in the domain of queer theory of colour, transnational feminism and post-colonial theory has been a central focus throughout her academic career and remains so presently in her doctoral project.

PhD Research

My research is an ethnographic project that turns to community based queer activism to examine regulation of sexual desire in Pakistan. This form of activism offers insight on the nature in which socio-legal oppression manifests in the everyday lives of the queer community