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Professor Ian Brown

BA (Bristol), MA, PhD (London)
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Ian Brown
Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

Emeritus Professor

SOAS Centre of South East Asian Studies

Academic Staff, Centre of South East Asian Studies

Professor Ian Brown
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History: economic and cultural history


Previous PhD Students

Thet Thet Wintin, 'The Prison In Pre-Colonial Burma', 2006

James Alastair Warren, 'Gambling, The State And Society In Siam, C. 1880-1945', 2007

Michael Dawson Leigh, 'Methodist Missionaries, Society And Politics In Upper Burma 1887-1966', 2008

Apisake Monthienvichienchai, 'Thai Nationalism And The Catholic Experience, 1909-1947', 2010

Tharaphi Than, 'Writers, Fighters And Prostitutes: Women And Burma's Modernity,', 2010

Matthew George Phillips, 'Oasis on a Troubled Continent: Culture and Identity in Cold War Thailand', 2013



Economic impact of inter-war depression on rural South East Asia, particularly Burma; history of the colonial prison in Burma and the Philippines; history of crime in colonial South East Asia


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Authored Books

Brown, Ian (2005) A Colonial Economy in Crisis. Burma's Rice Cultivators and the World Depression of the 1930s. London: Routledge Curzon.

Brown, Ian (1997) Economic change in South East Asia c 1830-1980. Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press.


Brown, Ian (2022) 'Bringing Murderers to Justice in Late Colonial Burma'. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, pp 1-23. [Forthcoming]

Brown, Ian (2011) 'Tracing Burma's economic failure to its colonial inheritance'. Business History Review, (85) 4, pp 725-747.

Brown, Ian (2010) 'Death and Disease in the Prisons of Colonial Burma'. Journal of Burma Studies, (14), pp 1-20.

Brown, Ian (2009) 'A shooting incident at Insein Prison, Burma, in 1947'. Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, (37) 4, pp 517-535.

Brown, Ian (2009) 'British firms and the end of empire in Burma'. Asian Affairs, (40) 1, pp 15-33.

Brown, Ian (2007) 'A Commissioner Calls: Alexander Paterson and Colonial Burma's Prisons'. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, (38) 2, pp 293-308.

Brown, Ian (2005) ''Blindness which we mistake for sight': British Officials and the Economic World of the Cultivator in Colonial Burma'. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, (33) 2, pp 181-193.

Brown, Ian (1999) 'Tax Remission and Tax Burden in Rural Lower Burma during the Economic Crisis of the Early 1930's'. Modern Asian Studies, (33) 2, pp 383-403.

Book Chapters

Brown, Ian (2011) 'The economics of decolonization in Burma'. In: Falola, Toyin and Brownell, Emily, (eds.), Africa, Empire and Globalization: Essays in Honor of A.G. Hopkins. Durham, North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press, pp 433-444.

Brown, Ian (2007) 'South East Asia: Reform and the Colonial Prison'. In: Dikötter, Frank and Brown, Ian, (eds.), Cultures of Confinement. A History of the Prison in Africa, Asia and Latin America.. New York, NY: Cornell University Press, pp 221-68.

Brown, Ian (2000) 'Material Conditions in Rural Lower Burma during the Economic Crisis of the Early 1930''s: What the Cotton Textile Import Figures Reveal'. In: Boomgaard, Peter and Brown, Ian, (eds.), Weathering the Storm: the Economies of Southeast Asia in the 1930s Depression. Leiden: KITLV; Singapore: ISEAS, pp 109-120.

Brown, Ian (1999) 'The Economic Crisis and Rebellion in Rural Burma in the Early 1930''s'. In: Minami, Ryƍshin and Kim, Kwan S. and Falkus, Malcolm, (eds.), Growth Distribution and Political Change: Asia and the Wider World. London: Macmillan, pp 143-157.


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