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Dr Monik Charette

BA (UQAM), PhD (McGill)
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My recent research has been on the structure of words in Turkish. I have looked at stress, vowel-zero alternation and suffixation aiming to show how those processes shed light on the structure of words. In collaboration with Asli Göksel and Serkan ┼×ener, I also work on the interface between phonology and syntax. We are looking at initial stress in morphologically complex Turkish words. I continue to work on all aspects of syllabic structure and on vowel harmony.


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Edited Books or Journals

Austin, Peter and Bond, Oliver and Charette, Monik and Nathan, David and Sells, Peter, (eds.), (2009) Proceedings of Conference on Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 2. London: Department of Linguistics, SOAS.

Book Chapters

Charette, Monik (2018) 'The internal TR clusters of Acadian French: a hint from schwa'. In: Lindsey, Geoff and Nevins, Andrew, (eds.), Sonic Signatures. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp 18-32.

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Conference Items

Charette, Monik (2004) 'Vienna-Budapest Round Table - Morpho-phonological domains in Turkish'.

Charette, Monik (2004) 'Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics - Defining the structure of Turkish words'.


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