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Dr Yan Cui

BA (Institute of Education, Beijing), MA (London), PHD (London)
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China & Inner Asia Section, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Senior Lector in Chinese

SOAS China Institute

Academic Staff, SOAS China Institute

Dr Yan Cui
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Authored Books

Cui, Yan (2009) Elementary Chinese Listening Materials. London: Languages of the Wider World SOAS-UCL Centre for Excellence.


Cui, Yan (2005) '“Translation – A Tester in Foreign Language Teaching: Investigation of Chinese Language Learning in the English Environment”'. Translation and Contrastive Studies, pp 158-172.

Cui, Yan (2000) 'Hanyu Jiaoxuezhongde Zhenshixing yu Shiyongxing – Tan Chuji Hanyu Kouyuke Duichuxuezhe Shiyong Yuyan Nenglide Xulian Wenti [Practical Teaching Method – Training Learners’ Ability to Use the Target Language at Elementary Level]'. Haiwai Huawen Jiaoyu (Overseas Chinese Education), (2), pp 7-22.

Book Chapters

Yan, Cui (2013) 'The Discussion on the Fundamental Abilities of the University Chinese Language Teachers Outside the Target Language Country'. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching. Beijing: Higher Education Press.

Cui, Yan (2002) 'Muyuwei Yingyude Daxue Gaonianji Hanyu Benkesheng Tingli Lijie Xuqiu Tanxi – Cong Diaocha Kan Yingguo Daxue Gaonianji Hanyu Tinglike Jiaoxue [Teaching English Native Speakers Listening at Advanced Level at Universities in Britain]'. In: Zhang, Dexin and Li, Xiaoqi, (eds.), Duiyi Yingyu Weimuyuzhede Hanyu Jiaoxue Yanjiu. Beijing: Renmin Jiaoyu Chubanshe, pp 152-157.


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