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Mark Faulkner

STB (Louvain, Belgium), MPS (Chicago, USA), PhD (SOAS, London).
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Mark Faulkner
Department of the Languages and Cultures of Africa

Senior Teaching Fellow

Department of Religions and Philosophies

Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr Mark Faulkner
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I arrived in SOAS in 1996 to follow a one-year taught Masters course in African religions but ended up moving into the MPhil/PhD research programme, completing my PhD in July 2000. Since then I have taught part-time in both the Africa and the Study of Religions departments.



Indigenous African Religions, Hunter-Gatherer Peoples, Catholic Missionary Activity in Africa, Religious Topography.

I have appeared on a number of BBC World Service programmes. I have also written Expert Reports for the Courts, frequently relating to the minority Swahili-speaking peoples of southern Somalia.


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I worked as a Catholic missionary in East Africa for more than fifteen years. I spent two years in the midst of the Abagusii community of western Kenya before taking up residence amongst the Maasai of southern Kenya. I was part of a pioneering team on the Kenyan coast where I first encountered the Boni hunter-gatherer community who later became the subject of my PhD thesis. I subsequently taught in Jinja, Uganda, for three year, before moving to London and studies at SOAS.

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