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Jotika Khur-Yearn

BA (Buddhism, Burma); MA (Buddhism, Sri Lanka); MSc Information Science (London); PhD (London)
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Jotika Khur-yearn

Subject Librarian (South East Asia & Pacific Islands)

Library and Information Services (LIS)

Subject Librarian (South East Asia & Pacific Islands)

Dr Jotika Khur-Yearn
Email address:
+44 (0)20 7898 4173
SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
Office No:
Library E10
Academic Support Hours:
Mon: Working from home, Tue & Wed: 9:00-5:00pm




Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2016) 'Under the eyes of French adventurers: Social conditions of the Upper Mekong Region in the 1860s'. SEALG Newsletter 47, pp 7-14.

Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2014) 'SCA-UK Newsletter, vol. 10 (November 2014)'. SCA-UK Newsletter, (10), pp 1-30.

Crosby, Kate and Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2010) 'Tsale: the Poet-readers of Shan Theravada Buddhism'. SOAS, Buddhist Forum. [Forthcoming]

Khur-Yearn, Jotika and Crosby, Kate (2010) 'The preservation and continuation lik luong tradition among the Shan (Tai Yai) communities of northern Thailand'. Asian Review Journal. [Forthcoming]

Crosby, Kate and Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2010) 'Poetic Dhamma and the zare: traditional styles of teaching Theravada amongst the Shan of northern Thailand'. Contemporary Buddhism, (11) 1, pp 1-26.

Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2009) 'Richness of Buddhist texts in Shan manuscripts: Seven Shan versions of Mahasatipatthana sutta'. Contemporary Buddhism, (10) 1, pp 85-90.

Crosby, Kate and Dhammasami, Khammai and Khur-Yearn, Jotika and Skilton, Andrew (2009) 'Streams of the Salween: current and crosscurrents in the study of Shan Buddism'. Contemporary Buddhism, (10) 1, pp 1-15.

Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2008) 'Shan Manuscript Collections outside the Shan State: Reservation and Cataloguing'. SEALG Newsletter 40, pp 12-16.

Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2008) 'Shan studies at SOAS: Resources and courses'. SCA-UK Newsletter, (4), pp 22-24.

Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2007) 'Rain retreat, temple-sleeper and poetic literature: A Shan Buddhist worldview'. South and Southeast Asia : culture and religion : the SSEASR journal, (2).

Edited Books or Journals

Crosby, Kate and Dhammasami, Khammai and Khur-Yearn, Jotika and Skilton, Andrew, (eds.), (2009) Contemporary Buddhism, Volume 10 Issue 1. Special Issue: Shan Buddhism. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis.

Book Chapters

Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2009) 'Puen kaep khong Wat Tiyasathan (a brief history of Wat Tiyasathan, published in commemoration of Tiyasathan temple’s 100 years anniversary)'. Khaotaang 100 pi Wat Tiyasathan. Chiang Mai: Wat Tiyasathan, pp 11-16.

Monographs and Working Papers

Khur-yearn, Jotika (2011) Supplement to the Burma Campaign Memorial Library's Descriptive Catalogue and Bibliography.. . [Unpublished]

Conference Items

Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2007) 'Rain Retreat, Temple-sleeper and Poetic Literature: A Shan Buddhist World View' In: SSEASR, May 2007, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. [Forthcoming]


Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2012) The Poetic Dhamma of Zao Amat Long’s Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta and the Place of Traditional Literature in Shan Theravada Buddhism. PhD thesis. SOAS, University of London. [Unpublished]


Khur-Yearn, Jotika (2015) 'SCA-UK Newsletter, vol. 11 (December 2015)'.


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