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Iain Scobbie

LLB (Edinburgh), LLB (Cantab), GDIL (ANU), PhD (Cantab)
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Iain Scobbie
School of Law

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London Middle East Institute (LMEI)


Professor Iain Scobbie
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Professor Scobbie studied at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge, and at the Australian National University. His doctoral dissertation examined legal reasoning and the judicial function in the International Court. Professor Scobbie maintains a special interest in international humanitarian law; international adjudication, particularly the role of the International Court of Justice; and in the theory of international law. He is on the International Advisory Council of Diakonia's International Humanitarian Law Programme, which is based in Jerusalem. He is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Journal of International Law, and an editor of the EJIL: Talk! blog.



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Scobbie, Iain (2006) 'Regarding/Disregarding: The Judicial Rhetoric of President Barak and the International Court of Justice's Wall Advisory Opinion'. Chinese Journal of International Law, (5) 2, pp 269-300.

Scobbie, Iain (2005) '"Une hérésie en matière judiciaire"? The Role of the Judge ad hoc in the International Court'. The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals, (4) 3, pp 421-464.

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Book Chapters

Scobbie, Iain (2007) 'An Intimate Disengagement: Israel's Withdrawal from Gaza, the Law of Occupation and of Self-Determination'. In: Cotran, Eugene and Lau, Martin, (eds.), Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, Volume 11 (2004-2005).. Leiden: Brill, pp 3-31.

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Scobbie, Iain and Delapraz, D and Shukri, M (2002) 'The jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court'. The International Criminal Court: a challenge to impunity. Damascus: ICRC, pp 17-37.

Conference Items

Scobbie, Iain (2005) 'Palestine Solidarity Campaign Conference'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2005) 'Compliance with International Humanitarian Law: Assessing Compliance-Inducing Agents and Factors'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2005) 'The Question of Palestine in International Law'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2005) 'ESIL Research Forum on International Law: Contemporary Issues'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2005) 'From Theory to Practice: Upholding International Humanitarian Law in the Occupied Territories'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'United Nations International Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'Time, history and international law'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'International law cases year in review: English courts and international tribunals'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'International symposium: A Just Solution for Palestinian Refugees?'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'Israel-Palestine: one State?'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'United Nations International Meeting on the Impact of the Construction of the Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'Facts, rights and remedies: implementing international law in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'Positivism in International Law'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'Inaugural Conference of the European Society of International Law'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2004) 'Thinking another world: 'this cannot be how the world was meant to be' An event to mark the retirement of Professor Philip Allott'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2003) 'Summer School on International Humanitarian Law'. [Unpublished]

Scobbie, Iain (2003) 'Symposium on The International Criminal Court and enlarging the scope of international humanitarian law'. [Unpublished]


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