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Dr Shabnum Tejani

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Authored Books

Tejani, Shabnum (2008) Indian Secularism: A Social and Intellectual History 1890-1950. Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ Press.


Tejani, Shabnum (2021) 'Disputing ‘market value’: the Bombay Improvement Trust and the reshaping of a speculative land market in early twentieth-century Bombay'. Urban History, (48) 3, pp 572-589.

Tejani, Shabnum (2019) 'Cow Protection, Hindu Identity and the Politics of Hurt in India, c.1890–2019'. Emotions: History, Culture, Society, (3) 1, pp 136-157.

Tejani, Shabnum (2013) 'The Necessary Conditions for Democracy: B.R. Ambedkar on Nationalism, Minorities and Pakistan'. Economic and Political Weekly, (XLVIII) 50, pp 111-119.

Tejani, Shabnum (2013) 'Defining Secularism in the Particular: Caste and Citizenship in India, 1909-1950'. Politics and Religion, (6) 4, pp 1-27.

Tejani, Shabnum (2013) 'Between Inequality and Identity: The Indian Constituent Assembly Debates and Religious Difference, 1946-50'. South Asia Research, (33) 3, pp 205-221.

Tejani, Shabnum (2013) 'Untouchable Demands for Justice or the Problem of Religious "Non-Interference": The case of temple entry movements in late-colonial India'. Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, (14) 3.

Tejani, Shabnum (2007) 'Re-Considering Chronologies of Nationalism and Communalism: The Khilafat Movement in Sind and its Aftermath, 1919-1927.'. South Asia Research, (27) 3, pp 249-269.

Tejani, Shabnum (2007) 'Music, Mosques and Custom: Local Conflict and 'Communalism' in a Maharashtrian Weaving Town, 1893-1894'. South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, (30) 2, pp 223-40.

Book Chapters

Tejani, Shabnum (2014) 'The Colonial Legacy'. In: Guneratne, Arjun and Weiss, Anita, (eds.), Pathways to Power: the Domestic Politics of South Asia. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, pp 21-103.

Tejani, Shabnum (2007) 'Reflections on the Category of Secularism in India: Gandhi, Ambedkar, and the Ethics of Communal Representation, c. 1931'. In: Needham, A.D. and Rajan, R.S., (eds.), The Crisis of Secularism in India.. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, pp 45-65.


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