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Paul Webley
School of Finance and Management

Professor of Economic Psychology and Director Emeritus

Professor Paul Webley, CBE
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Professor Paul Webley passed away on 2 March 2016.

Professor Paul Webley took office as Director and Principal of SOAS in August 2006 and continued in the role until September 2015. Previously, he served as Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Exeter, UK.

Professor Webley’s undergraduate and postgraduate education was at the London School of Economics. Following a short term at the University of Southampton, he moved to the institution that was to become his academic and professional home for 26 years, the University of Exeter. At Exeter he held several senior positions including Head of the Department of Psychology, Head of the School of Psychology and, latterly, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

He was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Economic Psychology and former President of the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology.  His research has examined the contribution that psychology can make to our understanding of problems that have traditionally been seen as the concern solely of economics. He has co-authored 10 books, contributed chapters to a further 65 and has written over 75 scholarly articles on a wide range of topics at the intersection of economics and psychology.

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Professor Webley was married, with 3 children, and divided his time between his family home in Exeter and London. His idea of an ideal day was a walk in the hills followed by good food in the company of friends and family.

Professor Paul Webley was awarded a CBE for Services to Higher Education in the 2015 New Year’s Honours list, published on Tuesday 30 December 2014.


Authored Books

Webley, Paul and Burgoyne, Carole and Lea, Stephen and Young, Brian (2009) 라이프 심리학 = The Economic Psychology of Everyday Life. Seoul: Da-San-Books.


Ashbullby, Katherine A. and Pahl, Sabine and Webley, Paul and White, Matthew P. (2013) 'The beach as a setting for families’ health promotion: A qualitative study with parents and children living in coastal regions in Southwest England'. Health & Place, (23), pp 138-147.

Webley, Paul and Nyhus, Ellen (2013) 'Economic socialization, saving and assets in European young adults'. Economics of Education Review, (33), pp 19-30.

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Webley, Paul and Lewis, A. and Mackenzie, C. (2001) 'Commitment among Ethical Investors: An Experimental Approach'. Journal of Economic Psychology, (22) 1, pp 27-42.

Book Chapters

Lea, S.E.G. and Webley, Paul (2014) 'Money: Metaphors and Motives'. In: Bijleveld, Erik and Aarts, Henk, (eds.), The Psychological Science of Money. New York: Springer, pp 21 -35.

Webley, Paul (2013) 'Economic psychology, sustainability and climate change. '. In: Ruiter, Stijn and Bernasco, Wim and Huisman, Wim and Bruiinsma, Gerben, (eds.), Eenvoud en Verscheidenheid [SImplicity and Diversity]. Amsterdam: NSCR, pp 23-35.

Webley, Paul and Ashby, Julie (2010) 'The economic psychology of value added tax compliance'. In: Alm, J and Martinez-Vazquez, J and Torgler, B, (eds.), Developing Alternative Frameworks for Explaining Tax Compliance. Abingdon: Routledge.

Webley, Paul and Nyhus, Ellen (2007) 'Inter-temporal choice and self-control; saving and borrowing'. In: Lewis, Alan, (ed.), Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 105-131.


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