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Dr Amina Yaqin

BA (Punjab) BA (Sussex) PhD (London)
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Amina Yaqin
Centre for the Study of Pakistan

Chair, Centre for the Study of Pakistan

Centre for English Studies

Reader in Urdu and Postcolonial Studies

Centre for Gender Studies


SOAS South Asia Institute

Academic Staff, SOAS South Asia Institute

Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies

Member, Centre for Migration & Diaspora Studies

Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS)


Centre for Translation Studies (CTS)

Member, Centre for Translation Studies

Dr Amina Yaqin
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Literature; Language


Programmes Convened
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PhD Students supervised
  • Alaya Forte, New forms of political inclusion or mere tokenism? Reading political representation from a gender and minority perspective in British and French government (working title)
  • Farrah Sheikh, The evolving relationship between religion and ethnicity among British Muslims
  • Fatima Rajina, The ethno-religious identity of British Bangladeshi Muslims
  • Jaya Shakira Madhvani, The representation of urban space in contemporary London narratives
  • Katarzyna Kubin, Affects of Shame: Questions of Authorial Ethics in Contemporary Postcolonial Writing and Film
  • Poonkulaly Gunaseelan, ‘Breaking taboos (?)’: Representations of rape in post 1970s Indian-English literature
  • Saleema F. Burney, Belief and Benevolence: A Case Study of Muslim Women Activists in London


Postcolonial Theory and literature, Gender Studies, Diasporic literatures (South Asia), Comparative literature, Pakistani culture, Muslims in Britain. She has published essays on gender and sexuality in Urdu poetry, Pakistani culture, Indian literature in English and the Islamic Barbie.


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Authored Books

Morey, Peter and Yaqin, Amina (2011) Framing Muslims: stereotyping and representation after 9/11. Cambridge, Massachussetts, London, England: Harvard University Press.


Yaqin, Amina (2016) 'La convivencia, la mezquita and al-Andalus: an Iqbalian vision'. Journal of Postcolonial Writing, (52) 2, pp 136-152.

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Yaqin, Amina (2013) 'Cosmopolitan ventures during times of crisis: a postcolonial reading of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s “Dasht-etanhai” and Nadeem Aslam’s Maps for Lost Lovers'. Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies, (5) 1, pp 62-78.

Yaqin, Amina (2010) 'Inside the Harem, Outside the Nation: Framing Muslims in Radio Journalism'. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, (12) 2, pp 226-238.

Yaqin, Amina (2007) 'Islamic Barbie: The Politics of Gender and Performativity'. Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress Body & Culture, (11) 2, pp 173-188.

Yaqin, Amina (2007) 'Truth, Fiction and Autobiography in the Modern Urdu Narrative Tradition'. Comparative Critical Studies, (4) 3, pp 379-402.

Yaqin, Amina (2006) 'Badan Darida (The Body Torn): Gender and Sexuality in Pakistani Women's Poetry'. Pakistan Journal of Women's Studies: Alam-e-Niswan, (13) 1, pp 45-65.

Yaqin, Amina (2004) 'Breaking the Mirror of Urdu Verse: Speech and Silence in the Poetry of Kishwar Naheed'. Moving Worlds: A Journal of Transcultural Writings, (4) 1, pp 34-46.

Yaqin, Amina (2002) 'Desbaratar la nación: modelamiento genérico de la poesía Urdu (Disrupting the nation: Gendering Urdu poetry)'. Asparkía: Investigació feminista, (vol. 1), pp 159-80.

Yaqin, Amina (1998) 'Language and Politics in Pakistan by Tariq Rahman'. Interventions, (1), pp 140-142.

Edited Books or Journals

Yaqin, Amina and Forte, Alaya and Morey, Peter, (eds.), (2019) Contesting Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim Prejudice in Media, Culture and Politics. London: I.B. Tauris. (Library of modern religion).

Yaqin, Amina and Morey, Peter and Soliman, Asmaa, (eds.), (2018) Muslims, Trust and Multiculturalism: New Directions. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. (Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series).

Ahmed, Rehana and Morey, Peter and Yaqin, Amina, (eds.), (2012) Culture, Diaspora and Modernity in Muslim Writing. Abingdon: Routledge. (Routledge Research in Postcolonial Literatures).

Morey, Peter and Amina, Yaqin, (eds.), (2010) Special Issue: Muslims in the Frame. London: Taylor & Francis.

Book Chapters

Yaqin, Amina (2018) 'From Islamic fundamentalism to a new life in the west: Ali Eteraz and the Muslim comedy memoir'. In: Yaqin, Amina and Morey, Peter and Soliman, Asmaa, (eds.), Muslims, Trust and Multiculturalism: New Directions. Cham: Palgrave-Macmillan, pp 193-214.

Yaqin, Amina (2012) 'Muslims as Multicultural Misfits in Nadeem Aslam’s Maps for Lost Lovers'. In: Ahmed, Rehana and Morey, Peter and Yaqin, Amina, (eds.), Culture, Diaspora and Modernity in Muslim Writing. Abingdon; New York: Routledge.

Yaqin, Amina (2009) 'Variants of cultural nationalism in Pakistan: a reading of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Jamil Jalibi and Fahmida Riaz'. In: Pemberton, Kelly and Michael, Nijhawan, (eds.), Shared Idioms, Sacred Symbols, and the Articulation of Identities in South Asia. New York; London: Routledge, pp 115-139.

Yaqin, Amina (2007) 'The role of family and gender in Rushdie's writing'. In: Gurnah, Abdulrazak, (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Salman Rushdie. Cambridge University Press, pp 61-75.

Yaqin, Amina (2006) 'The Communalization and Disintegration of Urdu in Anita Desai's In Custody'. In: Morey, P. and Tickell, A., (eds.), Alternative Indias. Writing, Nation and Communalism. Rodopi, pp 89-113.


Yaqin, Amina (2016) 'Framing Women: Tradition and Modernity in Popular Pakistani TV Drama' The Equator Line Magazine [Online].

Yaqin, Amina (2015) 'Nadeem Aslam in conversation' Wasafiri, 30.

Morey, Peter and Amina, Yaqin (2010) 'Introduction: Muslims in the Frame' Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 12.

Yaqin, Amina (2000) 'South Asian Anglophone Studies'.

Yaqin, Amina (1999) 'Issues of Translation: 3 Contemporary Urdu Poems', 1.


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