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Dr Tom Young

BSc, MA, MA (Phil), PhD (London)
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International and domestic politics of Southern Africa 
Political theory and ideology 
The State and Politics in Africa (BA)


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  • Africa
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  • South Africa


Authored Books

Young, Tom (2018) Neither Devil nor Child: How Western Attitudes harm Africa. London: Oneworld Publications.

Young, Tom (2010) Africa: A Beginner's Guide. Oxford & New York: Oneworld.

Young, Thomas and Hall, M (1997) Confronting Leviathan: Mozambique since Independence. London: Hurst and Co..


Young, Thomas (2002) 'Democracy in Africa?'. Africa: Journal of the International Africa Institute, (72) 3, pp 482-495.

Young, Thomas (2002) 'You Europeans, You Are Just Like Fish!: Some Sceptical Reflections on Modernity and Democratisation in Africa'. Cadernos de Estudos Africanos, (3), pp 111-125.

Young, Thomas (1999) 'The State and Politics in Africa'. Journal of Southern African Studies, (25) 1, pp 149-154.

Edited Books or Journals

Young, Tom, (ed.), (2016) Readings in the International Relations of Africa. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. (Readings in African Studies).

Young, Thomas, (ed.), (2004) Readings in African Politics. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. (Readings in African Studies).

Book Chapters

Young, Tom and Williams, David (2007) 'The World Bank and the Liberal Project'. In: Moore, David, (ed.), The World Bank Development Poverty Hegemony. Scottsville, South Africa: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press.

Young, Thomas (2002) ''A Project to be realised': Global Liberalism and a New World Order'. In: Hovden, E and Keene, E, (eds.), The Globalisation of Liberalism. Basingstoke: Palgrave, pp 173-190.

Young, Thomas (1998) 'Rights as Discourse and Practice in Contemporary Politics and International Relations'. In: Lensu, Maria and Fritz, Jan-Stefan, (eds.), Value Pluralism Normative Theory and International Relations. Basingstoke: Macmillan, pp 24-40.

Young, Thomas (1997) 'A Victim of Modernity? Explaining the War in Mozambique'. In: Rich, Paul B. and Stubbs, Richard, (eds.), The Counter-Insurgent State Guerrilla Warfare and State Building in the Twentieth Century. Macmillan, pp 120-152.


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