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Richard Reid

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Richard Reid
School of History, Religions and Philosophies

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Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

Professor of the History of Africa

Professor Richard Reid
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  • Disciplines: History, Politics. 
  • Regions: Eastern and Northeastern Africa. 
  • Countries: Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eritrea. 
  • Interests: Warfare and violence in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; liberation struggle in the Horn of Africa; ethnicity, nation, violence and identity.

Previous PhD Student

Hannah Alice Whittaker, 'A Socio-Economic History of the Shifta Conflict in Kenya, c. 1963-8',2011


Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Dorothy Tembo, Missions, Colonialism and Christian Identity in Malawi
  • Etana Dinka, Resistance and Integration in the Ethiopian Empire: the case of Macca Oromo of Qellem (1880s-1974)
  • Gromyko Dumuje, Fragmented Memory In an Invented Land: The Absence of History in the Abacha Dictatorship of Nigeria
  • Jacien G. Carr (Jay), The Poro: Society, Community and Perception in Liberian and Sierra Leone during the 19th Century
  • Philip Gooding, Lake Tanganyika: Commercial Frontier in the Era of Long-Distance Commerce, East and Central Africa, c.1830-1890
  • Shane Marotta, Berbera, 1840--1920: The history of a Somali port in the Gulf of Aden
  • Tassapa Umavijani, The Military Transformation of Nineteenth-Century Siam: Changes and Continuities


  • Patterns of warfare and other forms of violence in eastern and northeastern Africa since c.1800; 
  • relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia; 
  • the Eritrean liberation struggle; 
  • politics, protest and identity in Eritrea, 1941 – 1962.


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Authored Books

Reid, Richard (2017) A History of Modern Uganda. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Reid, Richard (2012) A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the present. Revised 2nd edition.. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Reid, Richard (2012) Warfare in African History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Reid, Richard (2017) 'Mourning and Glory: Toward Affective Histories of Violence in Africa over La longue durée'. Emotions: History, Culture, Society, (1) 1, pp 113-136.

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Reid, Richard (2003) 'Old Problems in New Conflicts: Some Observations on Eritrea and its Relations with Tigray, from Liberation Struggle to Inter-State War.'. Africa, (73) 3, pp 369-401.

Edited Books or Journals

Reid, Richard and Parker, John, (eds.), (2013) The Oxford Handbook of Modern African History. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Reid, Richard, (ed.), (2009) Eritrea's External Relations: understanding its regional role and foreign policy. London: Chatham House.

Book Chapters

Reid, Richard (2014) 'The Fragile Revolution: rethinking war and development in Africa's violent nineteenth century'. Africa's Development in Historical Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 393-423.

Reid, Richard and Parker, John (2013) 'Introduction. African Histories: past, present and future'. In: Parker, John and Reid, Richard, (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Modern African History. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Reid, Richard (2002) 'Warfare and Urbanisation: the relationship between town and conflict in pre-colonial eastern Africa'. In: Burton, Andrew, (ed.), The Urban Experience in Eastern Africa, c.1750-2000. Nairobi, Kenya: British Institute in Eastern Africa.

Book Reviews

Reid, Richard (2012) 'The End of the Beginning: new syntheses on modern war in Africa'. H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences.


Reid, Richard (2010) 'Eritrea: the siege state' International Crisis Group Africa Report.


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