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Professor Gina Heathcote

BA LLB (ANU); LLM (Westminster); PhD (London)
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Gina Heathcote
School of Law

Convenor, LLM & MA International Law (Terms 2 & 3)

Centre for Gender Studies

Convenor, MA in Gender Studies and Law

Centre for Human Rights Law


Professor Gina Heathcote
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+44 (0)20 7898 4367
SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Akanksha Mehta, Negotiating Space on the 'Right': The everyday politics of Hindu Nationalist and Zionist settler women in India and Israel-Palestine
  • Alaya Forte, New forms of political inclusion or mere tokenism? Reading political representation from a gender and minority perspective in British and French government (working title)
  • Alice Finden, Everyday state violence: a queer historical analysis of Anglo/Egyptian counter-terrorism and emergency law
  • Biye Gao, Gender, Class and Reproduction in Post-Socialist Rural China (working title)
  • Caroline Nadine D'Oyen-Fitchett, Black Women’s Experiences of Prison in the UK: Towards a Post Slavery Analysis
  • Emily Jones, Feminist Cyborgs and Gods: International Law, Humanism and the limits of the Global Order
  • Faiza Rehman, The Intersection of Corporate Accountability and Environmental Liability: Towards Promoting Sustainable Transnational Environmental Protection in the Extractive Industry
  • Haya Al -Noaimi, ‘The Protectors of Our Nation’: Discourses of Protection and the Construction of Masculinities in the Qatari and Emirati Militaries
  • Isabel Käser , Militant Femininity: The PKK-led Women's Movement in the Kurdish Middle East – A Transnational Analysis
  • Paola Zichi, Thesis (Working) Title: On Feminist Approaches to Self-Determination in Mandatory Palestine
  • Sara Bertotti , Between Law and Peace: a Critical Study of the Relationship between Peace Agreements, Law and Socio-political Change
  • Sidonia Lucia Kula,
  • Xia'nan Jin, Women's political life in post-genocide Rwanda (working title)


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Authored Books

Bertotti, Sara and Heathcote, Gina and Jones, Emily and Labenski, Sheri A. (2021) The Law of War and Peace: A Gender Analysis. Volume 1. London: Zed Books.

Heathcote, Gina (2019) Feminist Dialogues on International Law: successes, tensions, futures. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Heathcote, Gina (2011) The Law on the Use of Force: A Feminist Analysis. London: RoutledgeCavendis.


Heathcote, Gina (2022) 'Filters and Fragments: Making Feminist Sense of Security'. AJIL Unbound, (116), pp 254-258. [Forthcoming]

Sapiano, Jenna and Aggestam, Karin and Heathcote, Gina and True, Jacqui (2022) ''I wouldn't want to be a gender expert': Gender experts in peace mediation'. International Negotiation, (27). [Forthcoming]

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Heathcote, Gina (2018) 'Security Council Resolution 2242 on women, peace and security: progressive gains or dangerous development?'. Global Society, (32) 4, pp 374-394.

Heathcote, Gina (2017) 'Women and children and Elephants as Justification for Force'. Journal on the Use of Force and International Law, (4) 1, pp 66-85.

Heathcote, Gina (2016) 'From ‘people with projects’ to ‘encountering expertise’: a feminist reading of Kennedy’s A World of Struggle'. London Review of International Law, (4) 3, pp 467-476.

Heathcote, Gina (2012) 'Naming and Shaming: Human Rights Accountability in Security Council Resolution 1960 (2010) on Women, Peace and Security'. Journal of Human Rights Practice.

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Heathcote, Gina (2010) 'Feminist Reflections on the 'End' of the War on Terror'. Melbourne Journal of International Law, (11) 2.

Heathcote, Gina (2005) 'Article 51 Self-Defense as a Narrative: Spectators and Heroes in International Law Symposium: The Power of Stories: Intersections of Law, Literature, and Culture - Transnational Narratives'. Texas Weslayan Law Review, (12), pp 131.

Edited Books or Journals

Heathcote, Gina and Hoare, Joanna and Gedalof, Irene, (eds.), (2022) Special Issue on Oceans (Feminist Review Issue 130). London: Sage.

Finden, Alice and Heathcote, Gina and Zichi, Paola, (eds.), (2021) Special Issue on Hygiene, Coloniality and Law. London: Taylor and Francis. (Australian Feminist Law Journal, vol.47, no.1).

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Heathcote, Gina and Otto, Dianne, (eds.), (2014) Rethinking Peacekeeping, Gender Equality and Collective Security. London: Palgrave Macmillian. (Thinking Gender in Transnational Times).

Book Chapters

Heathcote, Gina and Koduthore, Elisabeth and Labenski, Sheri A. (2022) 'Teaching Feminist Peace through encounters with Female Violence'. In: Smith, Sara and Yoshida, Keina, (eds.), Feminist Conversations on Peace. Bristol: Bristol University Press. [Forthcoming]

Heathcote, Gina (2022) 'Feminism and Oceans'. In: Braidotti, Rosi and Jones, Emily and Klumbyte, Goda, (eds.), More Posthuman Glossary. London: Bloomsbury Academic. [Forthcoming]

Heathcote, Gina (2021) 'Protesting the Preamble: Normative Pronouncements and Feminist Jurisprudence in the Security Council'. In: Johnstone, Ian and Ratner, Steve, (eds.), Talking International Law: Legal Argumentation Outside the Courtroom. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Heathcote, Gina and Zichi, Paola (2021) 'Feminist Methodologies'. In: Deplano, Rossana and Tsagourias, Nicholas, (eds.), Handbook of Research Methods in International Law. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp 458-473.

Heathcote, Gina (2021) 'Gendered Security'. In: Gleiss, Robin and Melzer, Nils, (eds.), The Oxford Handbook on the International Law of Global Security. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Chinkin, Christine and Heathcote, Gina and Jones, Emily and Jones, Henry (2019) 'Bozkurt Case, aka the Lotus Case (France v Turkey): Two Ships that Go Bump in the Night'. In: Hodson, Loveday and Lavers, Troy, (eds.), Feminist Judgments in International Law. London: Hart, pp 27-52.

Heathcote, Gina (2019) 'Feminism and the Law of the Sea: a preliminary inquiry'. In: Papanicolopulu, Irini, (ed.), Gender and the Law of the Sea. Leiden; Boston, MA: Brill, pp 83-105.

Heathcote, Gina (2018) 'Humanitarian Intervention and Gender Dynamics'. In: Cahn, Naomi and Haynes, Dina and Ni Aolain, Fionnuala and Valji, Nahla, (eds.), Oxford Handbook on Gender and Conflict. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp 199-210.

Heathcote, Gina (2017) 'LAWs, UFOs and UAVs: Feminist Encounters with the Law of Armed Conflict'. In: Babie, Paul and Stephens, Dale, (eds.), Imagining Law: Essays in Conversation with Judith Gardam. Adelaide: University of Adelaide Press, pp 153-170.

Heathcote, Gina (2016) 'Robust Peacekeeping, Gender and the Protection of Civilians'. In: Charlesworth, Hilary and Farrall, Jeremy, (eds.), Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, pp 150-163.

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Heathcote, Gina (2014) 'Participation, Gender and Security'. In: Heathcote, Gina and Otto, Dianne, (eds.), Rethinking Peacekeeping, Gender Equality and Collective Security. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Monographs and Working Papers

Heathcote, Gina (2010) Force, Feminism and the Security Council. London: SOAS School of Law Research Paper No. 06 2010.

Conference Items

HadžiMuhamedović, Safet and Heathcote, Gina and Hamzić, Vanja and Jones, Emily (2019) 'Thinking like Tumbleweeds: Bodily Genres and the Vitality of Beings at Large' In: RAI2020: Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future, 4-7 June 2020, SOAS University of London. [Unpublished]

HadžiMuhamedović, Safet and Heathcote, Gina (2019) 'Hydrous Bodies, Fluid Domains: Thinking Gender beyond the Human' In: 61st Annual ISA Convention (Panel: Feminism and Materialism in Internaonal Relations), 25-28 March 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii. [Unpublished]

Heathcote, Gina (2014) 'Women and Children and Elephants: Robust Peacekeeping and Protection Narratives' In: Wisconsin International Law Journal Annual Symposium, 4th-5th April 2014, Madison. [Unpublished]

Heathcote, Gina (2014) 'Women and children: Robust Peacekeeping, Gender and the Protection of Civilians' In: Centre for European Law and Internationalisation Seminar, 12th February 2014, University of Leicester. [Unpublished]

Heathcote, Gina (2014) 'Gender Experts in the International Realm' In: Feminist Strategy in International Law, International Studies Association, March 2014, Toronto. [Unpublished]

Heathcote, Gina (2012) 'Working paper No. 5.5 The Security Council and the rule of law: the use of force, robust peacekeeping and gender perspectives,' In: The Use of Force and the Rule of Law, 20th & 21st June 2012, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Heathcote, Gina (2012) 'The Politics of Natality: From Formal Equality to the Spectrum of Feminist Thinking' In: International Law and the Periphery, 17th -19th February 2012, The American University in Cairo. [Unpublished]

Heathcote, Gina (2012) 'Achieving Accountability for Human Rights Violations by Non-state Actors: Challenging Sexual Violence and Creating Paths to Peace' In: 21st Congress of the International Federation of Women in Legal Career, Nov 12th- 16th, Dakar, Senegal. [Unpublished]

Book Reviews

Heathcote, Gina (2014) 'Gender Politics in Transitional Justice (Catherine O'Rourke)'. Gender and Development, (22) 1.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Heathcote, Gina (2020) Protesting the preamble: the UN Security Council and the dilution of feminist activism.


Heathcote, Gina (2017) 'Eating us out of House and Home [Part of the introduction to Food Special Issue]' Feminist Review, 114.

Heathcote, Gina (2016) 'I am an Immigrant' Feminist Review Blog: Collective Reflections on Brexit.

Heathcote, Gina (2015) 'The Protection of Civilians and Protection of Peacekeeping Mandates: Gender and Ethics in Collective Security' feminists@law, 5.

Heathcote, Gina (2013) 'Time to Rethink the Women, Peace and Security Agenda?' International Law Grrls.

Heathcote, Gina (2013) 'Thinking Gender and Speaking International Law' Oxford University Press Blog.


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