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Laurence Smith
Centre for Development, Environment and Policy

Professor of Environmental Policy and Development

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Professor Laurence Smith
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Laurence Smith specialises as an economist working on natural resource management, rural development, and water resources management.  He has experience of research, consultancy, education and training work in the UK and internationally. He has worked for leading international agencies including DFID, World Bank, FAO and IWMI. He has recently been principal investigator for research on catchment management funded by the Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU) programme of the UK Research Councils. This research investigated how to control diffuse pollution and the governance necessary to achieve this. He is currently principal investigator for a second RELU funded project investigating innovative market-based mechanisms and networks for long term protection of water resources. The focus is ‘Payments for Ecosystems Services’ schemes, and the project partners and evaluates the Westcountry Rivers Trust’s WATER project in South West England, which aims to develop a market-based catchment restoration scheme. Similar research focusing on collaborative approaches to catchment management and the protection of water resources is being developed internationally through partnerships with researchers in China and other countries.

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Academic head of the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy and its international postgraduate programmes by distance learning.

Academic Programme Convenor for postgraduate programme in Applied Environmental Economics delivered worldwide by distance learning.

Tutor for postgraduate distance learning module (P526) Water Resources Management

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Taking Care of our Waters: People, Policy and Practice



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