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Dr Youngsook Pak

BA (EWHA) PhD (Heidelberg)
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Youngsook Pak
Department of History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts

Emeritus Reader

School of Arts

Emeritus Reader

Dr Youngsook Pak
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I have just been to Yale to give a paper at the international conference on Liao ("Koryo and Liao Relations in the 10th-11th century -Impact on Buddhist Culture-"). Two universities (Chicago and Yale) would like to publish my paper. I may give this talk to CKS and A&A in the new semester, if they would like to arrange it.



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Pak, Youngsook (1998) 'Serenity and Composure: The Art of Korea at the Metropolitan Museum of Art'. Orientations, pp 50-60.

Edited Books or Journals

Pak, Y. and Yeon, J., (eds.), (2001) History, Language and Culture in Korea. Proceedings of the 20th Conference of the Association of Korean Studies in Europe.. London: Saffron Books.

Book Chapters

Pak, Youngsook and Paik, Kumja (2003) 'Illuminated Sutras'. Goryeo Dynasty: Korea's Age of Enlightenment 918-1392. San Francisco, CA: Asian Art Museum - Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture, pp 94-137.

Pak, Youngsook (1999) 'Grundzüge der koreanischen Architektur (Outline of Korean Architecture)'. In: Goepper/, R, (ed.), Korea: Die Alten Königreiche. Kulturstiftung Ruhr Essen. München: Hirmer Verlag.. Essen: Villa Hugel, pp 81-89.

Pak, Youngsook (1998) 'The Korean Art Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art'. In: J, ed, (ed.), Arts of Korea. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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