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Dr Ben Daley

BSc (Sheffield), MSc (Birmingham), PhD (James Cook)
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Ben Daley
Centre for Development, Environment and Policy

Programme Director, Sustainable Development

Dr Ben Daley
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Ben Daley is Lecturer in Environmental Management in the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP). He is Academic Director of the MSc Sustainable Development programme. His research interests include environmental change and environmental history, with a particular focus on changes in coastal and marine environments.



Authored Books

Daley, Ben (2010) Air Transport and the Environment. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Limited.


Daley, Ben (2009) 'Is air transport an effective tool for sustainable development?'. Sustainable Development, (17) 4, pp 210-219.

Daley, Ben (2009) 'Writing from Above: Representations of Landscapes, Places and People in the Works of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry'. Journal of Cultural Geography, (26) 2, pp 127-147.

Daley, Ben and Griggs, P. (2008) 'Loved to Death: Coral collecting in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 1770-1970'. Environment and History, (14) 1, pp 89-119.

Daley, Ben and Griggs, P. (2008) 'Exploiting Marine Wildlife in Queensland: the Commercial Dugong and Marine Turtle Fisheries, 1847-1969'. Australian Economic History Review, (48) 3, pp 227-265.

Daley, Ben and Griggs, P. and Marsh, H (2008) 'Reconstructing Reefs: Qualitative Methods and the Environmental History of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia'. Qualitative Research, (8) 5, pp 589-620.

Daley, Ben and Griggs, P. (2006) 'Mining the Reefs and Cays: Coral, Guano and Rock Phosphate Extraction in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 1844-1940'. Environment and History, (12) 4, pp 395-433.

Book Chapters

Daley, Ben (2010) 'Human Impacts on Coastal and Marine Environments and Ecosystems'. In: Matthews, J. E. and Bartlein, P. J. and Briffa, K. R. and Dawson, A. G. and de Vernal, A. and Denham, T. and Fritz, S. C. and Oldfield, F., (eds.), Handbook of Environmental Change. London: Sage Publications. [Inpress]

Daley, Ben and Preston, H. (2009) 'Aviation and Climate Change: Assessment of Policy Options'. In: Gössling, S. and Upham, P., (eds.), Climate Change and Aviation: Issues, Challenges and Solutions. London: Earthscan Publications, pp 347-372.

Daley, Ben and Dimitriou, D. and Thomas, C. (2008) 'The environmental Sustainability of Aviation and Tourism'. In: Graham, A. and Papatheodorou, A. and Forsyth, P., (eds.), Aviation and Tourism: Implications for Leisure Travel. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Limited, pp 239-253.


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