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Department of Economics

Dr Ourania Dimakou

BSc (Athens), MSc (London) PhD (London)
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Authored Books

Fine, Ben and Dimakou, Ourania (2021) Makroiktisat: Ele┼čtirel Bir K─▒lavuz. Istanbul: Yordam Kitap Press.

Fine, Ben and Dimakou, Ourania (2016) Macroeconomics: A Critical Companion. London: Pluto.


Dimakou, Ourania and Romero, Maria Jose and Van Waeyenberge, Elisa (2021) 'Never let a pandemic go to waste: turbocharging the private sector for development at the World Bank'. Canadian Journal of Development Studies, (42) 1/2, pp 221-237.

Dimakou, Ourania (2015) 'Bureaucratic Corruption and the Dynamic Interaction between Monetary and Fiscal Policy'. European Journal of Political Economy, (40) A, pp 57-78.

Dimakou, Sofia and Dimakou, Ourania and Basso, Henrique S. (2015) 'Waiting time distribution in public health care: empirics and theory'. Health Economics Review, (5) 25, pp 25.

Dimakou, Ourania (2014) 'Cypriot Public Debt: A Troubled Path under Current Policies'. Research on Money and Finance (RMF), Occasional Policy Paper 2, pp 1-6.

Dimakou, Ourania (2013) 'Monetary and fiscal institutional designs'. Journal of Comparative Economics, (41) 4, pp 1141-1166.

Monographs and Working Papers

Dimakou, Ourania and Romero, Maria Jose and Van Waeyenberge, Elisa (2020) Never let a pandemic go to waste : How the World Bank’s Covid-19 response is prioritising the private sector. Brussels: .

Van Waeyenberge, Elisa and Dimakou, Ourania and Bayliss, Kate and Laskaridis, Christina and Bonizzi, Bruno and Farwa, Sial (2020) The use of development funds for de-risking private investment: how effective is it in delivering development results?. Belgium: European Union.


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