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Dr Vanesa Pesque Cela

BA (Barcelona) MSc PhD (London)
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Finance and economic development; China.



Demir, Ayse and Pesque-Cela, Vanesa and Altunbas, Yener and Murinde, Victor (2022) 'Fintech, financial inclusion and income inequality: A quantile regression approach'. The European Journal of Finance, (28) 1, pp 86-107.

Kling, Gerhard and Pesque-Cela, Vanesa and Tian, Lihui and Luo, Deming (2022) 'A Theory of Financial Inclusion and Income Inequality'. The European Journal of Finance, (28) 1, pp 137-157.

Pesque-Cela, Vanesa and Tao, Ran and Liu, Yongdong and Sun, Laixiang (2009) 'Challenging, Complementing or Assuming ‘the Mandate of Heaven’? : Political Distrust and the Rise of Self-Governing Social Organizations in Rural China'. Journal of Comparative Economics, (37) 1, pp 151-168.

Book Chapters

Pesque-Cela, Vanesa (2018) 'Corruption in China'. In: Warf, Barney, (ed.), Handbook on the geographies of corruption. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp 313-330.

Monographs and Working Papers

Demir, Ayse and Pesque-Cela, Vanesa and Murinde, Victor (2020) Threshold Effects of Financial Inclusion on Income Inequality. London: SOAS Centre for Global Finance Working Paper Series no. 2/2020.

Pesque-Cela, Vanesa (2017) Decentralization and Accountability in Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from Rural China. Stockholm: Stockholm School of Economics Asia Working Paper Series no. 48.

Conference Items

Pesque-Cela, Vanesa and Tian, Lihui and Luo, Deming and Kling, Gerhard (2018) 'Defining and Measuring Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Cross-Country Datasets and China' In: Stockholm School of Economics and Peking University Joint Conference on Finance, Trade and Political Economy, 23-24 August, Stockholm School of Economics (Stockholm, Sweden).

Oughton, Christine and Pesque-Cela, Vanesa and Tobin, Damian (2018) 'The Evolution of the Financial System in China: A Diversity Index' In: European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy Annual Conference, 6-8 September, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Nice, France).


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