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Frances Cleaver
Dr Frances Cleaver
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Frances' professional work is centred on three interrelated themes of central importance to the understanding of poverty, with particular application to the local governance of natural resources (especially land and water). Her interests link theoretical and methodological advances with practical policy application and she has pursued them both through research and consultancy work. The themes are:

  • Institutions, collective action and participatory natural resource management.
  • Water governance, poverty and wellbeing.
  • The everyday politics of natural resource access and gendered livelihoods.

Additionally Frances is interested in the use of participatory action research and ethnographic methods for exploring the above themes.

The work of the Water and Development in Africa project is centred around analysing the effects of water governance policies on equity and access to water in selected African countries.




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Edited Books or Journals

Cleaver, Frances, (ed.), (2002) Masculinities Matter! Men, gender and development. London: ZED.


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