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Edited Books or Journals

Barak-Erez, Daphne and Gross, Aeyal, (eds.), (2007) Exploring Social Rights: Between Theory and Practice. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Book Chapters

Gross, Aeyal (2008) 'After the Falls: International Law between Postmodernity and Anti-Modernity'. In: Jouannet, Emmanuelle and Ruiz Fabri, Hélène and Sorel, Jean-Marc, (eds.), Regards d'une génération sur le Droit International. Paris: Pedone, pp 183-208.

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Barak-Erez, Daphne and Gross, Aeyal (2007) 'Introduction: Do We Need Social Rights: Questions in the Era of Globalization, Privatization, and the Diminshed Welfare State'. In: Barak-Erez, Daphne and Gross, Aeyal, (eds.), Exploring social rights: between theory and practice. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp 1-20.

Gross, Aeyal and Ben-Naftali, Orna (2007) 'The Second Intifada'. In: Dworkin, Anthony and Gutman, Roy and Rieff, David, (eds.), Crimes of War (2.0): What the Public Should Know. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company.

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Gross, Aeyal (2001) 'Challenges to Compulsory Heterosexuality: Recognition and Non-Recognition of Same-Sex Couples in Israeli Law'. In: Wintemute, Robert and Andenas, Mads, (eds.), Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Partnerships: A Study of National, European and International Law. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp 391-414.

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Gross, Aeyal (1999) 'Human Rights in the Supreme Court [in Hebrew]'. In: Barak Erez, Daphne, (ed.), First Judgements. Tel-Aviv: Hakibutz Hamueachd Publishing House, pp 123-128.

Book Reviews

Gross, Aeyal (2007) 'A Review of Gabi Ben-Nun and Gur Ofer, "A Decade to the National Health Insurance Law, 1995-2005"'. Harefua, (146), pp 396-397.

Gross, Aeyal (2006) 'A Review of Raz Yosef, "Beyond Flesh"'. Israel Studies Forum, (21).

Gross, Aeyal (2006) 'A Review of Danny Kaplan, "Brothers and Others in Arms"'. Israel Studies Forum, (21).

Gross, Aeyal (2005) 'A Review of Gad Barzilai, "Communities and Law: Politics and Culture of Legal Identities"'. Israeli Sociology, (7).

Gross, Aeyal (2004) 'A Review of Amit Kama, "The Newspaper and the Closet: Israeli Gay Men's Communication Patterns"'. Magemot, (43).

Gross, Aeyal (1999) 'A Review of Danny Kaplan, "David Jonathan and other Soldiers: On Identity, Masculinity and Sexuality in Combat Units in the Israeli Army"'. Israeli Sociology, (2), pp 382-387.


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