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Dr Sonia Languille

BA (IEP, Paris) MA (Sorbonne, Paris) PhD (SOAS, University of London)
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Sonia Languille
Department of Development Studies

Post-Doctoral Associate

Dr Sonia Languille
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Political economy of education reforms in Africa: the case of secondary education expansion in Tanzania since 2000
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Year of Entry 2010


Sonia Languille worked as a programme officer for the European Commission in Romania, Mali and Tanzania. She designed and managed sector budget support programmes and led sector donors’ coordination groups. Between 2008 and 2010, she worked as a DANIDA senior adviser within the Ministry of Basic Education in Benin to support the implementation of public finance reform in the sector. Her professional expertise covers education economics, public finance, decentralisation process and budget support instruments (MTEF, performance assessment framework, output oriented budgeting…). Her PhD research focuses on the international education aid agenda and its genealogy (human capital and neo-institutionalism), donors-government relationship over education programmes (FTI in Benin, sector budget support in Tanzania) and the politics of education financing.

PhD Research

  • The international education agenda: its genealogy (human capital and neo-institutionalism) and its translation in Tanzania
  • Donors-government negotiations over education programmes
  • Aid instruments and state reengineering
  • Politics of education financing (budget negotiations, procurement, public expenditure tracking survey, fiscal decentralisation)


S.Languille (2010), ‘Mali : la politique de décentralisation à l’heure de l’« Agenda de Paris » pour l’ef´Čücacité de l’aide’, Politique Africaine, N°120, Décembre: 129 – 151


S.Languille (2011), ‘Secondary education in Tanzania : the current crisis’, paper presented at the seminar organised by  the Centre of African Studies (SOAS) in collaboration with Britain-Tanzania  Associaton , ‘Education in Tanzania’, 14 May 2011, London


Political economy of education and development in sub-Saharan Africa; privatisation of education, secondary education, social mobilisation around schooling, textbook industry; politics of aid and public finance; South Africa, Tanzania.