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Freya Irani

BA (Vassar College), MA (Columbia University), Juris Doctor, cum laude (New York University School of Law)
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Ms Freya Irani
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SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
Thesis title:
The Jurisprudence of Jurisprudence and the Economic Constitution of U.S. Sovereignty, 1945-Present
Year of Study:
Passed doctoral viva in April 2015.

PhD Research

My dissertation is about the ‘extraterritorial’ extension of U.S. law. ‘Domestic’ U.S. economic law now governs economic activity in much of the world. Non-U.S. corporations are often vulnerable to being sued or prosecuted in U.S. courts for violations of, for example, particular U.S. antitrust or securities laws. I examine how, in the period following the Second World War and until the present day, such an extension of U.S. law has been made possible, given once-dominant territorial limits on jurisdiction between sovereign Western states. I argue that such an extension has been enabled by the ways in which the U.S. economy is represented in the decisions of judges, as a particular kind of object – one that is discrete (separable from its outside for the purposes of measurement and management) but nonetheless extremely vulnerable to external forces. Such representations cast the extension of U.S. laws abroad as protective and defensive measures to protect a national economy, thus assimilating newer (economically-defined) jurisdictional doctrines to older (territorially-defined) ones.


Davison, Andrew and Muppidi, Himadeep and Irani, Freya and Ladin, Dror (2009) 'Europe and Its Boundaries: Toward a Global Hermeneutic Political Theory.' In: Davison, Andrew and Muppidi, Himadeep, (eds.), Europe and Its Boundaries: Words and Worlds, Within and Beyond. Lanham: Lexington Books, pp. 83-111.


Intersections between International Law and International Relations/International Political Economy
Jurisprudence of jurisdiction
Legal Geography: the constitution of law and space