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Carli Coetzee

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PhD Students supervised
  • Miriam Pahl, Precarious Lives in the Postcolony: The Human Being in Emergent Genres in Contemporary African Literature
  • Ying Cheng, Is Theatre Dying in Nigeria? Recycling Popular Theatre in Metropolitan Lagos


Authored Books

Coetzee, Carli (2013) Accented Futures: Language Activism and the Ending of Apartheid. Johannesburg South Africa: Wits University press.


Coetzee, Carli (2017) 'Home, family and intimacy in recent writings on and from South Africa'. Africa, (87) 2, pp 407-418.

Coetzee, Carli (2016) 'Afro-Superheroes: Prepossessing the Future'. Journal of African Cultural Studies, (28) 3, pp 241-244.

Coetzee, Carli (2016) 'Academic Freedom in Contexts'. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, (15) 2, pp 200-208.

Coetzee, Carli (2016) 'Django Unchained: A Black-Centred Superhero and Unchained Audiences'. Black Camera, (7) 2, pp 62-72.

Coetzee, Carli (2015) 'Afropolitanism: Reboot'. Journal of African Cultural Studies, (28) 1, pp 101-103.

Coetzee, Carli (2014) 'Mandela's Meanings: A Translated and Adapted Life'. Altre Modernita, (12), pp 15-28.

Coetzee, Carli (2013) 'All Tickets Please, or How Cinema Histories of South Africa Can Stop Re-enacting the Racialised Past'. Journal of Southern African Studies, (39) 3, pp 721-726.

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Coetzee, Carli (2011) 'Review of "Figures and Fictions" exhibition at the V&A'. ArtThrob.

Coetzee, Carli (2010) ''The One that Got Away': Zoe Wicomb in the Archives'. Journal of Southern African Studies, (36) 3, pp 559-569.

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Coetzee, Carli (2001) 'The Double-Sided Signature: The South African Career of Johannes van der Kemp (1747-1811)'. Pre/Texts: Literary and Cultural Studies, (9) 20, pp 207-214.

Coetzee, Carli (1998) 'The Afrikaans Farm Novel and Idealised Sons: C M van den Heever's Farm Novels as Narratives of the Nation'. Alternation: International Journal for the Study of Southern African Literature and Languages, (4) 2, pp 114-122.

Coetzee, Carli (1996) 'Susanna Reyniers: Early Afrikaans Theatre and the Erasure of the Black Face'. Tijdschrift voor Afrikaans en Nederlands, (3) 2, pp 146-157.

Coetzee, Carli (1995) 'Individual and Collective Notions of the 'Promised Land': The 'Private' Writings of the Boer Emigrants'. South African Historical Journal, (32), pp 48-65.

Coetzee, Carli (1995) 'Two versions of a journey into the Interior: Augusta de Mist and Hinrich Lichtenstein's travels in Southern Africa'. Pretexts: literary and cultural studies, (5) 1-2, pp 66-83.

Coetzee, Carli (1994) 'Visions of Disorder and Profit: The Khoi and the First Years of the Dutch East India Company at the Cape'. Social Dynamics, (20) 2, pp 35-66.

Edited Books or Journals

Coetzee, Carli, (ed.), (2017) Afropolitanism: Reboot. Abingdon; New York: Routledge.

Coetzee, Carli and Nuttall, Sarah, (eds.), (1998) Negotiating the Past: The Making of Memory in South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapters

Coetzee, Carli (2017) 'We Need New Names: Novel and Reading Publics as Conduits for Producing Contradictions'. Multilingual Currents in Literature, Translaion and Culture. New York and Abingdon: Routledge, pp 132-149.

Coetzee, Carli (2012) 'In the archive: records of the Dutch settlement and the contemporary novel'. In: Attwell, David and Attridge, Derek, (eds.), The Cambridge History of South African Literature. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Coetzee, Carli (2000) 'A Room of One’s Own, But Built of Easily Combustible Material'. In: Ghosh-Schellhorn, Martina, (ed.), Writing Women Across Borders and Categories. Mùˆnster: Lit Verlag.

Book Reviews

Coetzee, Carli (2017) 'Being Invited into the Teacher's Home [Review of Mark Sanders's Learning Zulu]'. Safundi, (18) 1, pp 5-8.

Coetzee, Carli (2016) 'Review of: Not Like a Native Speaker: On Language as a Postcolonial Experience by Rey Chow'. Philosophia, (6) 2, pp 292-296.

Coetzee, Carli (2015) 'Review of 'Civic Agency in Africa: Arts of Resistance in the 21st Century' edited by Ebenezer Obadare and Wendy Willems.'. Africa, (85) 2, pp 371-372.

Coetzee, Carli (2015) 'Imagining the Cape Colony: History, Literature and the South African Nation'. Safundi, (16) 1, pp 104-6.


Coetzee, Carli (2017) 'Unsettling the Certainties of the Air-Conditioned Room: Review of Illuminate Theatre Performance'.

Coetzee, Carli (2015) 'Q&A: S.J. Naudé in conversation with Carli Coetzee' Africa in Words [Online].

Coetzee, Carli (2015) 'Review: SJ Naudé, ‘The Alphabet of Birds’' Africa in Words [Online].


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