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Ms Eve Leung
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Glocalisation in East Asian Popular Music
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2005/6 (year started)


Brought up in the colonial Hong Kong up to 1997 and moved to UK in 1998. Worked in Hong Kong Music industry in year 2007-2009, involved in Sammi Cheng’s Show Mi, Leo Ku’s Magic moment concert organisation. Music produced including, the title music for CCTV Hong Kong 10th Year celebratory TV Drama, ‘Hong Kong Sisters’, sung by Leo Ku and Kelly Chen, KCR and MTR internal training song sung by Hacken Lee, ‘Silly Boy’ by Kelly Chen, ‘Simple Relationship’ by Jade Kwan, ‘Amazing Grace’ by Ivana Wang. Also managed the first classical pop group ‘VEGA’ in Hong Kong and published the same titled album in 2009.
Currently 1 book chapter (Chinese) published in 2009, and another to be published by Routledge in Jan 2012 on Hong Kong Popular music.
Also work in online community management in the Mainland Chinese market

PhD Research

In an attempt to explore the different elements in Canto-pop music in 20th Century, this dissertation focus on examining Asianisation in Canto-pop music since it began from the early 20th Century. Although Hong Kong is situated within Asia, its music is heavily influenced by outside factors rather than the local. It is well documented that Hong Kong music’s comes from Shanghai in the 1940’s. Towards the late 20th Century, Japan and Korea provide the majority of cover music and becomes the dominant music provider. South-East Asia also contribute in cover version and adopted many Canto-pop style in their music. This trend of cover music later becomes a major music export to Hong Kong. Filipino musicians are involved the music industry by becoming the musician who plays during recording rather than local Chinese.
In the dissertation, the major contribution in process of Asianisation will examine closely, from history to musical style. The dissertation will also study why Asianisation takes place, the popularity of cover versions, stylistically changes. The author will also try to predict how Asianisation affect not only Hong Kong, also on how canto-pop affected other Asian country and to predict how future holds for Asianisation.


  • May 09, Book: ‘Riding a Melodic Tide – The Development of Cantopop in Hong Kong’ sponsored by Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Jan 12 'Hong Kong' in The International Recording Industry edited by Lee Marshall, London Routledge
  • Pending Journal Publication: ' Remapping Hong Kong Soundscape: The Use of Cover Music in Cantopop' co-written with Prof Stephen Yiu Wai Chu, Popular Music special issue on East Asian popular music
  • ' Glocalisation of East Asian Popular music' in  Perfect Beat Special Issue


  • July 2006, conference paper: ‘The 1997 Handover Effect: Localisation and Internationalisation in Hong Kong popular Music’, University of Cambridge, National Graduate Conference for Ethnomusicology
  • February 2007, workshop paper: ‘Using e-technology in Popular Music Research’, Music research Study Day, the Fieldwork Experience, SOAS, University of London
  • March 2007, academic researcher: ‘Songs of the Earth’, BBC (the British Broadcasting Cooperation) World Service
  • June 2007, conference paper: ‘The 1997 Handover Effect: Political influences over Cantopop’, Shanghai University, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Shanghai Conference
  • July 2007, conference paper: “What are we listening to? Glocalisation in East Asian Popular Music” ‘New Media and Urban Culture’, University of Tokyo, Ubiquitous Conference organised by Theory Culture and Society
  • July 2007, conference paper: ‘The emergence of adolescent labour in Hong Kong popular music industry’, Temple University in Tokyo and Sophia University, ‘Youth and Imaginative Labor, East Asia and Beyond’
  • July 2007, contributor: ‘SOAS, A Celebration in Many Voices’, published by Third Millennium Information Group
  • Mar 2008, conference paper, ‘Glocalisation in Hong Kong popular music’, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, organised by Chinese University Hong Kong and Radio and Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Hong Kong Pop Symposium
  • Jan 2009, seminar, ‘Glocalisation movement in the Hong Kong music market since the 1980’s’, SOAS Music Department Research seminar, SOAS
  • July 09, conference paper 'Globalisation movement in Hong Kong music market from 1980’s', University of Liverpool, The International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference
  • Apr 10 conference paper ‘Glocalisation in Cantpop: the user of cover music’, University of SydneyPreserving Tradition, Facing the Future Conference
  • Oct 10, graduate seminar ‘Conducting fieldwork in the popular music industry: From an experience in Hong Kong’, Tokyo University of Arts
  • Apr 11, conference paper ' Transnational musician: a study on how ethnicity is promoted in East Asian popular music industry', panel: “Music Making People Move” - The Travelling Production and Consumption of Asian Pop Musics at the Asian American Scholar Conference, Hawaii Convention Center


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Expertise: Popular Music, East Asia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Online community, Online media, popular culture Languages: Chinese, Japanese Experience: worked in Hong Kong music industry. Had contacts with international publishing companies, worked in online community for over 6 years

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