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Louise Harrington

BA (Trinity College Dublin); MA, PhD (SOAS)
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Comparative partitions; conflict and post-conflict literature and cinema; border studies; migration and diaspora studies; South Asia; Ireland; Israel/Palestine.



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Book Chapters

Harrington, Louise (2016) 'The (De)Humanization of Militant Bodies'. In: Iswarya, V. and Black, D., (eds.), The Cosmic and the Corporeal: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Time, Space and Body.. Wellington: Institute of Interdisciplinary Inquiry. [Forthcoming]

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Harrington, Louise (2007) 'The Train Nation: the Railway as a Leitmotif in South Asian Literature'. In: Lurdos, Michèle and Misrahi-Barak, Judith, (eds.), Transport(s) in the British Empire and the Commonwealth. Montpellier: Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée, pp 289-307.

Book Reviews

Harrington, Louise (2015) 'Review of: Writing India Anew: Indian English Fiction 2000-2010. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2013'. The Newsletter: the International Institute for Asian Studies, (72) Autumn, pp 14-15.

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Harrington, Louise (2013) 'Review of: Banerjee, Sikata. Muscular Nationalism: Gender, Violence, and Empire in India and Ireland, 1914-2004. New York and London: NYU Press, 2012.'. Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, (20) 6, pp 832-4.


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