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Peter Webb

BA, MA, PhD (London)
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Peter Webb
Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

London Middle East Institute (LMEI)


Dr Peter Webb
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SOAS University of London
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Mondays 3-5pm


Classical Arabic history and literature; Arab identity in early Islam; "al-Jahiliyya" and the Muslim reconstruction of pre-Islamic history; pre-Islamic poetry



Authored Books

Webb, Peter and Montgomery, James and Bowen Savant, Sarah (translator) (2017) The Excellence of the Arabs by Ibn Qutaybah By Ibn Qutaybah. New York: Library of Arabic Literature New York Univeristy Press.

Webb, Peter (2016) Imagining the Arabs: Arab Identity and the Rise of Islam. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.


Webb, Peter (2015) 'Pre-Islamic al-Shām in Classical Arabic Literature: Spatial narratives and history-telling'. Studia Islamica, (110) 2, pp 135-164.

Webb, Peter (2014) 'Al-Jāhiliyya: Uncertain Times of Uncertain Meanings'. Der Islam, (91) 1, pp 69-94.

Webb, Peter (2012) ''Foreign books' in Arabic literature: discourses on books, knowledge and ethnicity in the writings of al-Jāḥiẓ'. Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, (12) 2, pp 16-55.

Webb, Peter (2012) 'Muhammad’s ascension to the Heavenly Spheres: ‘Utopian Travel’: Fact and Fiction in making Utopias'. Middle Eastern Literatures, (15) 3, pp 240-256.

Book Chapters

Webb, Peter (2016) 'Muhammad und die jāhiliyya'. In: Schmidt, Nora and Schmid, Nora K. and Neuwirth, Angelika, (eds.), Denkraum Spätantike. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, pp 447-466.

Webb, Peter (2013) 'The Hajj before Muhammad: Journeys to Mecca in Muslim Narratives of Pre-Islamic History'. Hajj: Collected Essays. London: British Museum, pp 6-14.

Webb, Peter (2013) 'Poetry and the Early Islamic Historical Tradition: Poetry and narratives of the Battle of Ṣiffīn'. Poetry and Warfare in Middle Eastern Literatures. London: IB Tauris, pp 119-144.

Book Reviews

Webb, Peter (2016) 'Review of Konrad Hirschler, 'Medieval Damascus: Plurality and Diversity in an Arabic Library', Edinburgh University Press, 2016.'. The Times Literary Supplement 31 August.

Webb, Peter (2015) 'Review of Aziz al-Azmeh: The Emergence of Islam in Late Antiquity'. al-Usur al-Wusta, (23) 1, pp 149-153.

Webb, Peter (2015) 'Review of Robert Hoyland: In God's Path'. The Times Literary Supplement, pp 24-25.

Webb, Peter (2013) 'Review of Geert Jan van Gelder, 'Classical Arabic Literature''. The Times Literary Supplement.

Webb, Peter (2013) 'Review of Malcolm Lyons, 'The Man of Wiles in Popular Arabic Literature''. The Times Literary Supplement.

Webb, Peter (2012) '“Islam’s Real Origins?” Review of Tom Holland, In the Shadow of the Sword'. Evening Standard.


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