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Katharina Graf

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Katharina Graf
Ms Katharina Graf
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Domestic Cooking in Morocco: Skill, Knowledge Transmission and Social Change (working title)
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since 2011/12
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The preparation of food is not only an important part of everyday social life, but also a creative and intelligent action that requires reflection and judgement. In Morocco, domestic cooking is furthermore strongly gendered, expressing the skill and embodied knowledge of women across generations. At the same time, Moroccan society is undergoing deep social and economic transformations, which are reflected in the ever-changing skills and knowledge of cooking and its transmission to or refusal by younger generations. The aim of my research project is, first, to understand what gendered cooking skill and knowledge consist of and how this primarily non-verbal knowledge is transmitted (or not) and, second, to explore in how far cooking and learning to cook as a highly context-specific and social practice reflects broader social changes in Morocco, relating to current anthropological debates such as spatiality, consumption and gender roles.