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Mary-Anne Decatur

MSc Medical Anthropology (UCL), BA Psychology (University of Chicago)
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Mary-Anne Decatur
Miss Mary-Anne Decatur
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Medicalization and Meaning: Male Circumcision, Female Genital Cutting and HIV in Northern Tanzania (working title)

PhD Research

Within international health and human rights discourses, male circumcision is widely presented as beneficial to health and a tool for HIV prevention, while female genital cutting is regarded as fundamentally dangerous to health and ethically problematic. This distinction has prompted governments, NGOs, religious organizations, health institutions and some traditional leaders to promote the continuation of male circumcision, but the eradication of female genital cutting. My research explores the ways in which negotiations and struggles over the process of knowledge production and validation of evidence are influenced by, and influence, the reception and formation of health messages promoting male circumcision and eradicating female genital cutting in Moshi, Tanzania. How do community members acting as religious leaders, NGO workers, healthcare providers and traditional leaders attempt to increase health and well-being in their communities through the management and control of male circumcision and female genital cutting practices?


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Tumaini University Makumira/Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (during fieldwork)