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Jacques Rouyer Guillet

BA Japanese Language, History and Culture, Université Lyon III Jean Moulin, MA Middle Eastern History, Tel Aviv University
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Jacques Rouyer Guillet
Mr Jacques Rouyer Guillet
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Thursdays 2-5pm in room 324
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The Evolution of Consumer Culture in the Families of Jaffa between 1920 and 1967
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My research interests range from the Far to the Middle East, but my current focus is on 20th Century Palestine/Israel. My first love is languages, and before coming to SOAS I studied in Israel, Japan and France, moving on to a different tongue as my passions grew and waned.

PhD Research

My research focuses on the city of Jaffa under the British Mandate and the fledgling State of Israel, seeking to analyse the changes that took place over this period in the consumer culture of its families. The study will use personal papers and memoirs, press archives, and official documents held by the courts and town council to determine the extent and causes of these changes in clothing, eating habits, leisure time, architecture, etc. By using the family as the unit of analysis, the hope is to create a more accurate (and interesting) study than would be possible through the traditional dichotomy of Jewish vs. Arab communities.