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Veluree Metaveevinij

BS. (Accounting), MA. (Cultural Management) Thammasat University, Thailand
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Veluree Metaveevinij
Veluree Metaveevinij
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(Re)constructing Thainess on screen: Government Policies towards Thai Cinema during 2001-2012
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Throughout their history, Thai films have been closely associated with power and institutions within Thailand. Also Thai films have an important role to construct national identity when the country was modernised in the absolute monarchy and the military government regimes. Since the late 1990s, Thai film policies has however been transformed in several aspects. The government recently expressed concerns on supporting as well as controlling issues. Thai films currently have been used not only to build national identity of Thai nation-state but also to produce an economic benefit for the country.

My study aims to investigate the relationship between power in Thai policymaking and the representation of national identity on Thai films. Several questions are outlined such as: what is the power dynamic in Thai film policymaking? Who has held the power in this regard? What has been the view from various stakeholders? What are the agendas that the state supports some films and suppress particular content on screen? To understand these points, this research attempts to address how power in Thai state influences on Thai film policies and reshapes the representation of national identity on screen. The period 2001-2012 is selected because there are substantial changes in political, economic and cultural aspects in Thailand.


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