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Mr Maung Bo Bo

MB,BS (Mandalay); MA History: Asia/Africa (SOAS)


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Mr Maung Bo Bo
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The Burmese Military and the Press in U Nu's Burma
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A Burmese writer with literary, political and medical background

PhD Research

I plan to look for the Burmese intellectuals’ goals and dreams for an independent nation and plans to develop them; to whom these poverty-stricken dreamers looked as nation-builders: underground communists or the ruling civilian regime or the solidified and emerging army bureaucrats. And also I need to look at how the political factions tried to sell their positive image to the public in competing for power as well as legitimacy and their approach and alliance with the Burmese, mostly Burman, intellectuals and artists for nation building in the Cold War. Thus, I will identify the early associations of these political, army and the intellectual elites in districts and urban educational, political and military training grounds since the 1930s and how they ended up or continued alliance after the 1962 coup. My research will be a bifocal study of Cold War culture in Burma and the intellectual history of the post-war Burma politics before the Ne Win era.


Other publication; Raising Xenophobic Socialism against a Communist Threat: Re-reading the Lines of an Army Propaganda Magazine in 1950s Burma Cultures at War: The Cold War and Cultural Expression in Southeast Asia Tony Day and Maya H. T. Liem, eds. Cornell SEAP (June, 2010)


Other Conferences; The 6th EuroSEAS Conference School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg (2010), International Burma Studies Conference, Northern Illinois University, USA (2008), The 17th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, Monash University, Australia (2008), International Burma Studies Conference, National University of Singapore (2006). 26th ASEASUK CONFERENCE Cambridge (2011).