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Kyeong-Soo Kim

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Kyeong-Soo Kim
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Naturalizing Strategy in the Translation of Korean Fiction into English: from a pragmatic perspective
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Started in 2011
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My first degree was in Fine Art (Painting) from NY, USA.  I had been working as a legal interpreter before I came to SOAS.  Since I began to study at SOAS I've become more interested in Korean literature and linguistics.

PhD Research

My research concerns issues in communicability of translation from Korean into English, particularly in works of literature.  These issues are primarily to do with the readability and coherence of the targeted text in English; and the strategy of translation which is adopted for addressing them is generally known as naturalization.  The term  ‘Naturalising’ or ‘Naturalization’ can be associated with its variant ‘domestication’ (Venuti’s term).  In my research the terms ‘naturalizing’ and/or ‘naturalization’ will follow Schleiermacher’s definition: the translation strategy which is oriented towards coherent readability and the expectations of the target text receptor.  I will be examining the strategy of naturalizing translation of Korean fiction into English by investigating the implications of pragmatic aspects.  I will conduct a comparative textual analysis between a Korean source text and two or more versions of its translation in English.  The analysis will be based on the considerations of pragmatics, specifically: 1) presuppositions; 2) implicatures; 3) deixis.