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Cyrus K.Y. Yee

BA (City); MA, MPhil (CUHK); MA (HKU)
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Cyrus Yee
Mr Cyrus K.Y. Yee
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China's New Administration in the Inner Asian Frontiers in the Late Qing Period, 1901-1911
Year of Study:
1 (2011)
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My interested fields of study include: History of China’s Border Regions (e.g. Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet) and Minorities; History of the Mongol Empire and the Yuan Dynasty; History and Politics of Taiwan; History and Politics of Modern and Contemporary China; Cross-Strait Relations; History of Sino-foreign Relations; History of the Tang Dynasty (in particular the foreign cultures in the Tang Dynasty); Comparative study of Chinese and Western Culture; Nationalism and National Identification; Orientalism and Post-colonialism.

PhD Research

My research seeks to investigate, by means of a comparative approach, the interaction between the Han, the Manchus and the indigenous peoples of China's Inner Asian frontier (Xinjiang, Tibet and Mongolia) during late Qing’s Xinzheng (New Policies) reforms in the early twentieth century. Specifically, I wish to examine the impact of the reforms on the frontier peoples' formation of ethnic identities.


  • 1950年代台灣台籍菁英與中國民主黨組黨運動 (Taiwanese Elites and the Formation of the Chinese Democratic Party in the 1950s). MPhil thesis, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2008).
  • Taiwanese Identity under Japanese Rule as Seen Through Films and Fiction. MA dissertation, The University of Hong Kong (2011).
  • “清朝治理西藏體制的歷史考察,” (An Historical Enquiry into the Governing Institutions of the Qing dynasty in Tibet) Zhongguo bian zheng, no. 180 (2009), pp. 81-89.
  • “一九二一年外蒙古獨立原因的探討,” (An Enquiry into the Causes of the Independence of Outer Mongolia in 1921) Zhongguo bian zheng, no. 185 (2011), pp. 93-105.  


Second Annual Postgraduate Eurasia Research Conference, SOAS (2012)