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Mr David Beamish

B.A., M.A.


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Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

Senior Teaching Fellow

Mr David Beamish
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Thursdays 12-2pm in room 324
Thesis title:
Ottoman and North African Émigré Intellectuals in Paris, 1890-1914
Year of Study:
1 (2011)


I grew up in Toronto, Canada where my family still resides. I completed my udergraduate studies in History and Canadian Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Following the completion of my BA I undertook a qualification in ESL instruction in Toronto and spent time teaching English in both Turkey and Canada. My time in Turkey peaked my interest in Turkish and Middle Eastern History and pushed me to apply to SOAS for an MA in Turkish Studies.

PhD Research

An analysis of the intellectual and political exchange between Ottoman, Tunisian and Algerian emigres in Paris. This dissertation will seek to examine In analyzing the relationship between Ottoman and North African émigrés in the context of French intellectual and linguistic space. I am not looking necessarily for concrete evidence of policy adoption or imitation. Rather I am trying to locate and articulate a body of thought that moved among the various figures and organizations and was constantly being absorbed and reinterpreted within the intellectual and political space  of the French metropole.