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Federico Mucciarelli

Degree in Law (Laurea) (Bologna) LL.M. (Heidelberg) Doctorate (Brescia)
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Federico Mucciarelli
School of Finance and Management

Reader in Financial Law

Dr Federico Mucciarelli
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0207 898 4545
SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Tuesday 9 - 10
On Sabbatical:
Term 1 2017/18



Takeover regulation; corporate and insolvency law; international corporate law and freedom of establishment.


Authored Books

Mucciarelli, Federico and Gerner-Beuerle, Carsten and Mathias, Siems and Edmund-Philipp, Schuster (2016) Study on the law applicable to companies. Brussels: European Commission.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2014) Le offerte pubbliche di acquisto e di scambio. Torino: Giappichelli.

Mucciarelli, Federico M. (2010) Società di capitali, trasferimento all'estero della sede sociale e arbitraggi normativi [Transfer abroad of corporations' registered office and regulatory arbitrages]. Milano: Giuffrè.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2004) Società per azioni e offerta pubblica d’acquisto. Le difese successive contro offerte pubbliche d’acquisto di azioni quotate [Public companies and take-over bids: Defensive measures against hostile takeovers]. Milano: Giuffrè.


Gerner-Beuerle, Carsten and Mucciarelli, Federico and Schuster, Edmund and Siems, Mathias (2018) 'Why do businesses incorporate in other EU Member States? An empirical analysis of the role of conflict of laws rules'. International Review of Law and Economics, (56), pp 14-27.

Gerner-Beuerle, Carsten and Mucciarelli, Federico and Schuster, Edmund and Siems, Mathias (2018) 'Cross-border reincorporations in the European Union: the case for comprehensive harmonisation'. Journal of Corporate Law Studies, pp 1-42.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2017) 'Employee insolvency priorities and employment protection in France, Germany and the United Kingdom'. Journal of Law and Society, (44) 2, pp 255-282.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2015) 'Private International Law Rules in the Insolvency Regulation Recast: A Reform or a Restatement of the Status Quo?'. European Company Financial Law Review, (13) 1, pp 1-30.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2014) 'I compensi agli amministratori esecutivi nelle società quotate: uno sguardo comparatistico a Regno Unito, Germania e Stati Uniti d’America'. Analisi Giuridica dell'Economia, (13) 2, pp 295-310.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2013) 'Not Just Efficiency: Insolvency Law in the EU and Its Political Dimension'. European Business Organization Law Review, (14), pp 175-200.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2012) 'The Function of Corporate Law and the effects of Reincorporations in the U.S. and the E.U.'. Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law, (20) 2, pp 421-468.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2012) 'The Hidden Voyage of a Dying Italian Company, from the Mediterranean Sea to Albion'. European Company Financial Review, (9) 4, pp 571-579.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2010) 'Equal treatment of shareholders and European Union law - Case note on the Decision ‘Audiolux’ of the European Court of Justice'. European Company FInancial Law Review, (7) 1, pp 158-167.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2009) 'Cross-border Tender Offers, the Exclusion of Certain Shareholders and the Principle of Equal Treatment'. Uniform Law Review, pp 165-180.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2009) 'La sentenza “Volkswagen” e il pericolo di una “convergenza” forzata tra gli ordinamenti societari [ECJ’s “Volkswagen decision” and the risk of a coercive covergence of European company laws]'. Giurisprudenza Commerciale II, pp 273-282.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2009) 'Problemi aperti in tema di offerte pubbliche d’acquisto transfrontaliere [Open issues related to cross-border tender offers]'. Banca Borsa e Titoli di Credito.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2009) 'Problemi aperti in tema di offerte pubbliche d’acquisto transfrontaliere [Issues related to cross-border tender offers]'. BANCA, BORSA E TITOLI DI CREDITO, pp 382-402.

Mucciarelli, Federico M. (2008) 'Company ‘Emigration’ and EC Freedom of Establishment: Daily Mail Revisited'. European Business Organization Law Review, (9), pp 267-303.

Mucciarelli, Federico M. (2006) 'White knights and black knights. Does the search for competitive bids always benefit the shareholders of “target” companies?'. European Company Financial Review, (3) 4, pp 408-425.

Mucciarelli, Federico M. (2005) 'Transfer of Company’s Registered Office and Forum-Shopping in International Insolvency Cases: an Important Decision from Italy'. European Company and Financial Law Review, pp 512-533.

Mucciarelli, Federico (2005) 'Il principio di reciprocità nella direttiva comunitaria sull’opa [The reciprocity principle in the European Directive on takeover bids]'. Giurisprudenza Commerciale, (32), pp 830-843.

Edited Books or Journals

Gerner-Beuerle, Carsten and Mucciarelli, Federico and Schuster, Edmund-Phillip and Siems, Mathias, (eds.), (2018) The Private International Law of Companies in Europe. Beck C.H.; Hart; Nomos. [Forthcoming]

Book Chapters

Mucciarelli, Federico and Morris, H. P. and Moss, G. and Paulus, C. G. (2018) 'Cross-border Insolvencies after Brexit: Views from the United Kingdom and Continental Europe'. In: Fitzgerald, Oonagh E. and Lein, Eva, (eds.), Complexity’s Embrace – The International Law Implications of Brexit. Waterloo, Ontario: Centre for International Governance and Innovation Press. [Forthcoming]

Mucciarelli, Federico M. (2017) 'Capitolo Dicianovesimo: Il Regolamento Sulle Insolvenze Transfrontaliere'. In: Benedettelli, Massimo and Lamandini, Marco, (eds.), Diritto societario internationale ed europeo. Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer.


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