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Syriac literature produced by Middle Eastern Christian communities between the 7th and 10th centuries, which has been largely neglected by European scholars, although it was a key period in the development of the ideology and theology of all the Syriac churches. These texts are also of key importance for understanding the origins of Islamic theology, and Christian-Islamic relations in the region, as well as for the contrasts they provide with European Christian thought.

Over the past four years I have transcribed many unpublished Syriac manuscripts, and it is my intention to continue to edit and publish some of the most important of these.

I am engaged in a major study of patristic florilegia manuscripts (volumes containing key passages from patristic authors, arranged according to theological subjects). Such florilegia were already widely used by Syriac writers in the fifth century, and subsequent writers continued to use and expand such texts, but there has been little written about this activity. There are about a dozen florilegia manuscripts preserved in the British Library, which range in size between 300 and 700 pages. This project will produce editions and analytical studies of these dogmatic source-books.


Authored Books

Oez, Mikael (2014) Modern Aramaic in Practice: Ṭuroyo: The Language of Ṭur ‘Abdin. Piscataway, NJ: Modern Aramaic Press.

Oez, Mikael (2012) Cyriacus of Tagrit and his Book on Divine Providence, v. II. NJ: Gorgias Press.

Oez, Mikael (2012) Cyriacus of Tagrit and his Book on Divine Providence, v. I. NJ: Gorgias Press.

Oez, Mikael (2010) Gudtjänstliturgi engligt den syrianska ortodoxa kyrkan av Antiokia. Södertälje: Gabis Tryckeri.


Oez, Mikael (2014) 'Echoes of Jesus in Sweden: Aramaic-speaking Syriacs find a home'. The World Today, (70) 5.

Oez, Mikael (2013) 'Cyriacus of Tagrit’s Eschatology: Treatise on the Middle State of Souls'. Parole de l’Orient, (38), pp 1-10.

Oez, Mikael (2012) 'Barnaba’s Gospel'. Barnabas İncili\'ne Oxford açıklaması.

Oez, Mikael (2011) 'Cyriacus of Tagrit and his book on Divine Providence'. Parole de l’Orient, (36), pp 205-216.

Book Reviews

Oez, Mikael (2016) 'Review of: A grammar of the Christian Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Diyana-Zariwaw, by Lidia Napiorkowska'. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, (79) 1. [Forthcoming]


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